This unusual (but cute) Christmas decorating trend is all over the internet...

This year gonks seem to be the decoration to have, but what exactly are they are where can you get them?

(Image credit: The Range)

If you're a lover of Christmas decorating trends that are a little kooky and outside the box then you are going to LOVE this adorable decor doll... Introducing gonks - yup, you heard that right. Gonks are essentially soft Christmas gnomes that kind of resemble adorable, mini, bearded, fuzzy little Santas and, much like the rest of the Christmas loving population,  we're obsessed.

Obviously, we always keep an eye on the festive trends that are receiving a lot of internet traffic and we were a little confused when we saw gonks have been popping up all over the place. Not only are they adorably child-friendly, they're also a Nordic Christmas decor staple and if they're good enough for Scandi interiors, they're good enough for us. 

You should also check out more of the most trending ideas we have come across to help inspire your own Christmas decoration ideas for this year at home.

1. Next in line for a long-legged Gonk?

Next christmas mantelpiece gonk

(Image credit: Next )

2. Get your supersized Gonk from Wayfair

Wayfair christmas gonk with long legs

(Image credit: Wayfair)

3. An advent Gonk from The Range 

The Range advent calendar gonk

(Image credit: The Range )

4. A mini Scandi Santa gonk from The Range

The Range mini grey scandi gonk

(Image credit: The Range )

5. A set of two gonks for a playful decor statement

Amazon set of two gonks

(Image credit: Amazon )