Attention, smoothie lovers: this £60 smoothie maker is going for £15 at Superdrug

A £60 smoothie maker for £15? Yes, at Superdrug Black Friday. We'd be quick if we were you

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Have you been looking into getting a smoothie maker but are put off by the prices? Let's be honest here: as pleasant as smoothies are, the idea of spending north of £50 on one can be enough to make you rethink. The trouble is, cheaper smoothie makers typically can't cope with anything put peeled, de-seeded fruit and veg, which means you're missing out on a lot of highly nutritious fibre (you may as well go for a juicer instead).

Along comes Black Friday, and suddenly, the amazing JML Nutriblitzer Smoothie and Shake Blender is on sale...for £15. Yes – fifteen pounds, down from £60. Now that's what we call a deal. Scroll to find out about the deal – and more about this clever gadget.

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Why should you consider the Nutriblitzer? This is one powerful device, its steel blades moving at over 19,000 rpm. In practice, this means you can throw just about anything in there and it'll cope. Anyone who's tried adding kale/fennel/apples with seeds to a smoothie will know the challenges of making a fibre-rich smoothie. This gets everything perfectly smooth and tasty in seconds. Try adding some almonds to your smoothie for extra nutrition and flavour.

Anna Cottrell
Anna Cottrell

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