6 expert food storage tips – for BBQs and beyond

Make the most out your summer BBQ with these food storage tips from LG. We list where you can buy a new fridge freezer, too

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Hurrah! It's summer. And getting barbecued food storage sorted for the holidays will make the most out of all that summer fun you and the family are having.

We love a BBQ here at Real Homes and now with grocery deliveries becoming more available and local shops reopening, we can start stocking up on our fresh foods more readily once again. A summer barbecue calls for meats, cheeses, breads and salads – all the delicious things – but with the weather somewhat unpredictable, just how can we ensure that our foods stay fresher for longer?

Well, LG – renowned tech and appliance giant – have rounded up some expert tips on food storage to help BBQers get the best out of their food. Keep scrolling to see just what these tips are, and which fridge freezers they recommend for the ultimate in food storage.

1. Check temperature settings

To keep your food fresh and safe to eat, we recommend you set the temperature of your fridge to 4°C or slightly below. Too warm, and meat and fish will contaminate. Too cold, and you’ll freeze your fruit and veg in the crisper drawer.

2. Which food goes where?

Meat and fish need to be kept on the bottom shelf where any juices won’t spill onto other foods. Dairy products, like milk and cheese, can be stored on the middle shelves, while vegetables will stay fresher for longer in the most humid part of the fridge. Fruit, on the other hand, needs lower humidity.

3. Cool, quick food storage

Coming back from the butchers with all the meat for your BBQ? The sooner the food shopping is refrigerated, the better. 

LG’s ExpressCooling feature will help cool newly added foods immediately and the LG Smart ThinQ app will let you turn this feature on from your smartphone on the way home from the shops.

4. Be organised with your food storage

Keep food you know you’ll be using regularly at the front so you’re not wasting energy leaving the fridge door open as you scramble to find it.

The Door-in-Door technology in the InstaView is ideal for quickly grabbing food and drinks without losing temperature.

5. Set different temperatures (where you can)

For food that needs storing at a different temperature to everything else, the InstaView Utility Box (for example) can store deli foods such as cheese and meat at the perfect temperature so they’re at their best when guests arrive.

6. And plan 

Plan ahead so you know exactly when you need to start getting food out of the fridge to prepare - let meat sit out at room temperature for 20 minutes before cooking to ensure an all-round even cook.

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