So Real Homes: using metallics in a living room

Looking to create a glam living space with plenty of texture, interest and maybe even a bit of bling? Take a tour of Sarah Parmenter's eclectic living room

Sarah Parmenter sitting on sofa in her metallic living room

Bringing character and style into a brand new space can be difficult, but is something many homeowners face when extending a house. Sarah Parmenter of @RelovedMCR has tackled this problem with great results when creating her family living room.

After the main living room was transformed in to a bedroom for her teenage son, she converted her garage to accommodate a new living room. By using a stunning metallic wallpaper as her starting point, she has crafted a unique, dramatic living room, that is as sumptuous as it is eyecatching.

Here, she takes Sian Astley on a short tour of the room, talking about her design choices and mixing industrial elements with decadence.

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