The best clothes storage boxes

On the hunt for the best clothes storage boxes? Whether it’s for the day, for the season, or for a long time, store your beloved items in style and safety with our best storage containers for clothes

clothes storage boxes

Looking for the best clothes storage boxes? Whether you’re a strict follower of the KonMari method or you kinda just shove your clothes in your drawer *guilty*, dedicating yourself to a seasonal capsule wardrobe, or simply trying to tackle the overflow, is a great idea. 

The best storage containers for clothes can come in very handy indeed, as keeping your clothes contained (so to speak) is not just important for making sure you can find everything when you need, but it also protects your favourite items.

Find more storage ideas and hacks at our storage hub page. Find out how to fold clothes like Marie Kondo (the KonMari) method in our step by step, too.

What is the best clothes storage box?

For shelves, wardrobes and under high beds – heck, for any room of the house, if you like – our top choice is the Dunelm Heavy Duty Underbed Storage Bag as it fits anywhere, holds a lot and has handles for easy moving.

In terms of style, The White Company’s Kubu Multi-Purpose Basket, a rustic hand-woven basket is a great choice, and for long-term storage, consider a condensing vacuum bag like those from Packmate.

How to buy the best clothes storage boxes?

Where is it for?

Consider first where you'll be storing your clothes, whether it's under your bed, at the back of a deep built-in wardrobe or in a garage. If you're storing clothes in your garage, be sure to opt for storage that's water-tight, lidded and heavy-duty such as the Really Useful Box.


Completely down to personal preference, the clothes storage boxes in our guide range from bags to baskets, ottomans, boxes and dividers. Something for everyone.


If your clothes' storage boxes are going to be on show, it's best to opt for something that looks nice too, such as a rattan box, a basket or an ottoman. However, if it'll be tucked way under your bed or in a garage, prioritise practicality over looks. 


Best clothes storage boxes you can buy: Dunelm Heavy Duty Underbed Storage Bag

1. Dunelm Heavy Duty Underbed Storage Bag

Best clothes storage boxes you can buy: store your jumpers and coats away in these heavy duty storage bags

Best for: All-rounder
Type: Bag
Material: Polyester
Reasons to buy
+Heavy duty+Large+Handles to easily pull out+Lots of room+Affordable
Reasons to avoid
-Some may prefer something more sturdy

Looking for a place to store your winter jumpers, coats or maybe even some spare bed linen for when guests stay? This is the best storage solution for you. These heavy-duty bags are ideal for those who a) have lots of clothes and b) want to maximise their space. Due to the fact they're made from polyester, the bags can be squashed into tight spaces, and they have handles to be easily grabbed when you're in a rush. Also, unlike several other clothes storage boxes, they can fit under low bed frames. The best storage container you can buy for clothes, we think.

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Best clothes storage boxes for style: The White Company Kubu Multi-Purpose Basket

2. The White Company Kubu Multi-Purpose Basket

Best clothes storage boxes for style: keep almost everything you can think of in check with these multi-room, multi-use baskets

Best for: Wardrobe organisation
Type: Basket
Material: Rattan
Reasons to buy
+ Handy cutout handles + Handwoven by artisans 
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn't have a lid

If you don’t have a drawer unit in your bedroom or dressing room, or you do and your clothes need even more corralling, individual storage baskets are a very attractive option. These square baskets from The White Company are ideal for small items like folded t-shirts and lingerie, although you may want to be careful with very delicate items as the rustic handwoven finish means there could be scags on the horizon. Nevertheless, these artisanal baskets look wonderful, with their washed grey tone, and the cutout handles make for easy access in the fog of the morning. 

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Best clothes storage boxes for small spaces: Packmate Flat Vacuum Storage Bags

2. Packmate Flat Vacuum Storage Bags

Best clothes storage boxes for small spaces: ideal for long-term storage and small homes, this pest-outwitting vacuum bag is a great option

Best for: Saving space
Type: Vacuum bag
Material: Plastic
Reasons to buy
+ Reduces the size of bulky items + Resistant to moths, mould and odours 
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best looking as see-through

For those with sentimentally valuable but little-worn items to store, or capsule wardrobe pioneers looking to pack away out-of-season clothes with the minimum of fuss, these vacuum storage bags can come in incredibly handy. Said to reduce size by up to 75 per cent, they’re ideal for bulky items like big winter jumpers or gowns, or even duvets and other bedding, and the resulting flat bag it set to be much easier to store under beds and in cupboards than boxes. The vacuum seal means you don’t need to worry about moths, damp, or odours either, common concerns when it comes to long-term clothing storage. 

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Best clothes storage boxes for under bed: Next Willow Underbed Storage

3. Next Willow Underbed Storage

Best clothes storage boxes for under bed: the only solution for glamorous under bed storage, these lidded willow boxes will do the job

Best for: Underbed storage
Type: Basket
Material: Polyester, cotton, viscose, acrylic, nylon
Reasons to buy
+ Alternative to plastic for slender underbed storage + Attractive willow and faux leather combo 
Reasons to avoid
-Pricey for what it is

Under-bed storage solutions can be somewhat lacking in variety, and you may find yourself labouring over which variety of clippable plastic box to go for because of this. However, Next have come up trumps with these under-bed storage baskets, which will suit those after an option that better fits in with their bedroom’s aesthetic down to the ground. Granted, it’ll cost you more than a no-frills clear plastic option, but the rustic look of the woven willow and faux leather handle (available in on-trend grey or natural) make it worth it.

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Best clothes storage boxes for lots of stuff:

4. Oliver Bonas Velvet Ottoman

Best multi-purpose clothes storage box: for seating and storage, they don’t come much more luxurious, or practical, than this

Best for: Multi-purpose
Type: Storage Ottoman
Material: Cotton velvet, beech
Reasons to buy
+ Provides seating and storage in one + Luxurious look and feel 

End-of-bed storage needn’t be all about open-front rails or assorted boxes. For a luxurious look, nothing beats a bench or ottoman, and this one from Oliver Bonas has both style and substance to spare. As well as offering convenient bedroom seating – perfect for grappling with tricky sandals pre-outing – this storage ottoman’s capacious interior provides a home for overflow clothes and blankets. Aside from that, it also looks magnificent, with a tactile velvet covering, complete with button tufted details and a huge range of colour options. 

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Best large clothes storage boxes: Really Useful Box 84 Litre

5. Really Useful Box 84 Litre

Best large clothes storage boxes: why limit yourself to clothes? These clip boxes come in handy all over the shop

Best for: Tall items
Type: Box
Material: Plastic
Reasons to buy
+ Seals for long-term storage + Enormous capacity 

It’s an unspoken rule that every household must have at least one Really Useful Box, despite no-one ever really being sure where it came from. And it’s little wonder: they’re budget-friendly, stackable, practical and hard-wearing, making them fantastic for children’s toy storage and long-term clothes storage, whether for you that means stashing sentimental items in the loft or keeping bulky coats out of the way until the temperature drops again. They come in a range of sizes, although this extra-large 84-litre box is ideal for storing lots of items long term, or tall and inflexible items such as hats, helmets and boots.

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Best clothes storage boxes for shoes: Argos Home Set of 2 Underbed Shoe Storage

6. Argos Home Set of 2 Underbed Shoe Storage

Best clothes storage boxes for shoes: keep everything in its right place with these under bed shoe boxes

Best for: Shoes
Type: Shoe box
Material: Polyester
Reasons to buy
+Keep shoes in pairs without cardboard boxes +Holds lots of shoes+Has a clear lid to see shoes+Carry handle
Reasons to avoid
-Only really great for shoes

Shoes are among the most common culprits for clutter in the home, so to save the hallway or the bottom of your wardrobe the strife, consider going for a specially tailored option like these under bed shoe storage bags. Keeping pairs carefully corralled, and thus ensuring you’ll never again end up with two lefts from very similar-looking pairs of heels when you’re in a rush, they feature a translucent lid that keeps things looking tidy when they’re not in use, but is also easy to lift up to get at the exact pair you need. They also have a carry handle for pulling out, and they can store up to 12 pairs of shoes in each. Now you can never have too many pairs.

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Best clothes storage boxes for organisation: Svira Set of 3 Boxes

7. Svira Set of 3 Boxes

Best clothes storage boxes for organisation: get your drawers (and your drawers) under control with these sweet floral dividers

Best for: Organising drawers
Type: Dividers
Material: Polyester, polypropylene plastic
Reasons to buy
+Two different configurations for a range of items +Attractive ditsy floral design 

The temptation with chests of drawers can be to simply toss everything in there and hope for the best, but this inevitably results in tangled up tights and playing Snap with your socks. In-drawer storage like these fabric boxes from Ikea may be the answer, and with a set of three, there are enough configurations to be a reasonable catch-all. The long single-compartment boxes are ripe for experimentation, although for our money, the six-part boxes would be ideal for notoriously tricky-to-keep-tidy underwear or belts. Your inner Marie Kondo will be delighted.

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