Gifts for fitness lovers: what to buy the gym lover in your life

Struggling to find gifts for the fitness lover in your life? We can help. From trainer tags to a personalised gym towel and the a fitness vibration plate

Gifts for fitness lovers: Oakdene designs Personalised Metal Shoe Tag on pink trainer
(Image credit: Oakdene Designs)

Buying gifts for a fitness lover this Christmas? If you aren't a fitness lover yourself so have no clue what to buy, then sit back, relax and read our list of the top gifts they'll actually want. Because they probably will have to fake a smile if you get them another football from Sports Direct – not that we don't love that place.

Keep scrolling for our top gift suggestions for every fitness lover – swimmers, cyclists, gym goers, football fans and even runners. See our best home gym equipment guide for everything we think you should have in your home gym. Check out our Christmas page for more gift ideas as well as festive recipes and decor.

Christmas Gifts for fitness lovers

1. A personalised metal trainer tag for the runner in your life

Oakdene designs Personalised Metal Shoe Tags

(Image credit: Oakdene Designs)
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Oakdene designs Personalised Metal Shoe Tags | £10 for two from Not on the High Street (opens in new tab)
This personalised metal shoe tag comes in a two pack, and they can be personalised to add character to otherwise boring trainers. Great for marathon trainers, football players and more. Made from polished solid stainless steel, each tag measures 4cm wide by 0.5cm.

2. A Fitbit Charge 3 for a swimmer

Fitbit Charge 3 Advanced Fitness Tracker

(Image credit: Fitbit)
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Fitbit Charge 3 Advanced Fitness Tracker | £149.99 £134.70 (save £15.29) on Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Fitbit Charge 3 comes in five different colours and it's water-resistant up to 50 metres. It can track heart rate, calorie burn, sleep and much more. It automatically recognises when you are swimming and will take note of how many lengths you swim, it can calculate the length of the swimming pool you are in and it even shows calorie burn info. All of that and it can sync with your phone to give you info on calls and messages. Buy with the white breathable strap for comfort.

3. This bicycle seat cover for an avid cyclist

Kelly Connor Designs Cyclists Gift Wheelie Love Bike Novelty Gift

(Image credit: Kelly Connor Designs)
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Kelly Connor Designs Cyclists Gift Wheelie Love Bike Novelty Gift | £16.95 at Not on the High Street (opens in new tab)
A great gimmicky (yet slightly practical) gift for someone who loves their bike more than... we won't finish that sentence. This bike seat cover reads ' I wheelie love my bike' and it can protect their seat from the weather. A great alternative to the classic Sainsbury's carrier bag, we think.

4. An eco-friendly yoga block for the yogi in your life

Yogibato Yoga Block Cork

(Image credit: Yogibato)
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Yogibato Yoga Block Cork | £11.90 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
We are assuming that your yogi friend has been seriously missing their weekly class in 2020. Gift them this eco-friendly yoga block to up the intensity while doing yoga in their living room. Made entirely from cork, this yoga block is sustainable and environmentally friendly. They can use it to help their body settle into a pose, or to support their back, head and hips. It features rounded edges and it can easily be cleaned, too. Buy in singles or as a pair.

5. A fitness vibration plate for someone who wishes they had a home gym

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate in use by woman in living room

(Image credit: Bluefin Fitness)
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Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate | £219 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Using this fitness vibration plate for just 10 minutes per day can prove beneficial. Not only can it help you burn fat and lose weight, but also increase muscle power, improve your core strength, and shape and tone. All from one machine so you don't need tons of space. It has 10 built-in workout programs at 180 intensity levels. The best part? It has built-in Bluetooth speakers and it can tell you info on how many calories you've burned per session. It also comes with resistance cords to work out those arms, too.

6. A personalised gym towel (with a pocket) for holding their belongings while they sweat

Solesmith Personalised Gym Towel With Zip Pocket

(Image credit: Solesmith)
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Solesmith Personalised Gym Towel With Zip Pocket | £22 at Not on the High Street (opens in new tab)
This towel comes in blue, white or black and it's madee from 100 per cent ringspun cotton. It has a zippable pocket for storing their gym must-haves, and you can write their name on it so no one can use it as their own.

7. This personalised golf glove to help them put better

We Print Balls Personalised Full Soft Leather Golf Glove

(Image credit: We Print Balls)
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We Print Balls Personalised Full Soft Leather Golf Glove | £25 at Not on the High Street (opens in new tab)
Golf counts as fitness, right? An avid golfer would love to receive this for Christmas – a leather golf glove with their initials on. This means no one can "accidentally" take it home, too. It comes in six sizes and three colours, while it's made from soft carbretta leather.

8. For your friend who has started working out from home


(Image credit: TOPLUS)

TOPLUS Yoga Mat | £30.99 £24.98 (save £6.01) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Working out from home is officially a massive thing, as gyms have been shut for the majority of this year. Buy your friend who is following trend a new yoga mat to cushion their joints when planking and more. Choose from several different colours...

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