Best concrete cleaners: 5 buys to spruce up your yard for spring

Tackle stains on your driveway or walkways with the best concrete cleaner - to eradicate marks and spills for good

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The best concrete cleaners can help to get the exterior of your home back to its original glory, eradicating stains and marks that are more on the historic side as well as new ones. From paint when you're DIYing to general dirt that has disguised the original color of your patio, there are plenty of issues that you can blast away with these concrete cleaners.

You'll feel like you have a brand new driveway or backyard once you've applied these wonderful concrete cleaners, which are seriously tough on a range of issues. Especially as spring rolls around, tackling your concrete slabs is something that you have no excuse for putting off, unlike your lawn or flowerbeds as the whole process is so nice and easy. 

All you need to do is apply the solution, sometimes with the best pressure washer on hand (but not always!), and leave it to work its magic. So, get scrolling to discover the standout concrete cleaner for you, to get one step closer to a stunning outside space.

5 concrete cleaners to sort out your outdoor space for good 

1. This concrete cleaner is good for floors and more

2. This concrete cleaner is just as easy to use as the name suggests

3. This is the perfect concrete cleaner if you're battling against moss and algae

4. Use this concrete cleaner with your pressure washer for optimal results

5. Get your spring cleaning done fast with this speedy concrete cleaner

Browse more concrete cleaners...

If you want a more specific type of concrete cleaner to tackle the exact outdoor environment you have, then there are so many out there to choose from, including more picks that are safe for use around animals and wildlife. Here are our absolute favourite places to shop more cleaners:

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