Molly Cleary

Molly Cleary

Ecommerce Writer, Homes

Molly is the Ecommerce Writer for RealHomes and spends her time searching the internet for the next best thing for your home. With previous experience within the Home section of TopTenReviews, another Future site, writing about everything from ride-on lawnmowers to robot hoovers, she has knowledge of all of those niche areas of your home and garden that you might need a new purchase for. Aside from shopping and buying content, which is now her biggest area of focus, she also has plenty of experience with putting together features brimming with beautiful home ideas and writing deals posts so that readers can get the best possible price out there. 

Experience Ever since she begged for her first Barbie Dream House, Molly has daydreamed about a space she could call her own. Combining that with what can only be called a fixation on reading and writing, she pursued an English Literature degree, always with the intention to go into media or publishing. Whilst at the University of Exeter she wrote for her student newspaper on beauty and lifestyle topics, as well as book reviews. After two internships at The Economist, it was clear that media was the path she wanted to follow and after graduating, she joined the TopTenReviews team where she learned everything there is to know about even the most random areas of homeware (hello, turkey fryers). Whilst at TopTenReviews, she covered Homes/Garden content, primarily small appliances, garden tools and a long stint growing hot tub content alongside that. She also learned from an expert team how to find a genuinely good deal during shopping events and how to help readers find exactly what they are looking for. She then moved over to LiveScience to help grow its eCommerce content, focusing on health and fitness at home, and learning a whole new world of information about air purifiers, exercise bikes and yoga mats in the process. Fast forward to now, she covers all things shopping on RealHomes, with an emphasis on cleaning products and home gym equipment, with all of the experience of her two previous roles helping her along. As a recent graduate and newbie to London, the space of her own is still very much a work in progress, after a series of houseshares and student accommodation. As of this spring, she'll be moving into a West London flat with a lot more space than previously and aims to grow her personal home style whilst still adhering to all of the rules that come along with the joy that is renting. 

Molly's Home Style

As you might be able to tell, Molly is still very much at the beginning of her home journey, with the chance to put her own stamp on a place hopefully not too distant in the future. Since her teenage years, she's had a dream about a particular house in her hometown of Bournemouth that sits on the edge of a cliff face in Southbourne (but looks more like it belongs in Los Angeles), and if all goes to plan, she would like nothing more than a home just like that, where a daily swim in the sea is possible. Though it might now be a contested style, she's particularly drawn to the cottagecore look, and loves the idea of incorporating nature all-around, as well as alllllll of the pastel colors possible please. She's drawn to minimalist looks too, mainly due to strong desire to keep things neat, tidy and clean. Any design ideas to do with books and bookcases can win her over, and the ultimate goal is a house with a sizable library, so that she can have a book ready for any visiting friend or family member to take away. It's not quite a library yet, but her new rented home has a spare bedroom, and lovely high ceilings and natural light to make the most of. She's hoping to be able to install some floor to ceiling shelves throughout her new spacious kitchen/living area, and one of them will hold her most prized possession, her black KitchenAid stand mixer.