15 affordable Made sale buys under £100 – with an extra 10% off

This is the Real Homes edit of the Made sale – here's what to buy with a budget of £100

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Hoping to spend your money on a few bits and bobs for your home? Head to the Made sale – prices start from just £10 right now. With an extra 10 per cent off, too. Yes, you read that right! Not everything you buy at Made.com has to break the bank – not what we have found below, anyways. Keep scrolling as we've done the shopping for you. See 15 lovely Made sale buys from bedding sets to lighting, rugs and even a retro bedside table. Get your purse out...

Keep scrolling for the Real Homes edit of the current Made sale – these last chance buys are soon to be gone from the (online) shelves.

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The best of the Made sale

1. Lynn Drop Cap Pendant – £13.50

Lynn Drop Cap Pendant

(Image credit: Made)

Hang this pendant light by the side of your bed, over your dining table or in your living room. It comes in three colours and it's an easy way to style an exposed bulb – if you love this look as much as we do.

Lynn Drop Cap Pendant | £19 £13.50 at Made
A budget-friendly way to introduce a few exposed bulbs into your home, this pendant light can be as long or short as you like – up to 120cm.View Deal

2. Jessa 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel – £10.80

Jessa 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

(Image credit: Madee)

Bring a pop of colour to your bathroom with help from your towels – these pink ones are perfect! They come in three sizes – hand and bath towels, as well as a bath sheet – and you can complete your room with a matching bath mat. All finished with modern textured borders to make them a little different to normal towels. Love!

Jessa 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel | £15 £10.80 at Made
Time for new towels? New towels can turn your bathroom from looking drab to fab – especially if they are on display. These super soft towels are 650gsm, they're made from 100 per cent cotton, and they wash at 40 degrees – you can tumble dry them on cool.View Deal

3. Vali Freestanding Towel Rack – £22.50

Vali Freestanding Towel Rack

(Image credit: Made)

If you are in need of some more bathroom storage – aren't we all? – then take a look at this freestanding towel rack. Hang your used towels to dry on the top rack, and pop your slippers or a storage basket (with toilet rolls inside).

Vali Freestanding Towel Rack | £49 £22.50 at Made
This small Skandi-style towel rack is an easy way to add storage, without making any holes in your wall.View Deal

4. Kurino Set of 2 Bamboo Storage Baskets – £22.50

Kurino Set of 2 Bamboo Storage Baskets

(Image credit: Made)

Whether for storing dirty (or clean) laundry, shoes, toys or just general clutter, these storage baskets come in a set of two. Even if you want to use them to separate your dark laundry from your colours, or for separating things inside your wardrobe.

Kurino Set of 2 Bamboo Storage Baskets | £49 £22.50 at Made
What a bargain for two storage baskets – especially ones that are made from bamboo. Lightweight to carry, too, and they are handmade in India by local artisans.

5. Lorna Set of 2 Velvet Cushions – £26.10

Lorna Set of 2 Velvet Cushions

(Image credit: Made)

An easy (read: cheap) way to add some colour to your bedroom or living room – not to mention texture, too, since they are velvet. These cushions come in a lovely burnt orange colour. Even better? They are reversible so you can switch things up every now and then.

Lorna Set of 2 Velvet Cushions | £29 £26.10 at Made
Choose from seven colours including mustard, pink navy and more, these plush cushions measure 45cm by 45cm. You can wash their cover at 30º, too.View Deal

6. Kysler Round Pet Bed – £35.10

Kysler Round Pet Bed,

(Image credit: Made)

Comfortable and modern, this grey dog bed is easy to clean, it looks nice and it comes in both mustard and grey. Your pet will love it!

Kysler Round Pet Bed | £45 £35.10 at Made
If your pet is in need of a new cosy bed, then this one will tick all your (their) boxes. It's said to be ideal for Border Collies and Springer Spaniels, and it measures 70cm in diameter. What's more? It has a removable (and washable) cover for your convenience.View Deal

7. Julius Velvet Eyelet Lined Pair of Curtains – £31.50

Julius Velvet Eyelet Lined Pair of Curtains

(Image credit: Made)

It's official: buying new curtains can change the look of a room – drastically. Why not go out of your comfort zone this time? These eyelet ones are velvet (our fave!) and they are only £35. Bargain!

Julius Velvet Eyelet Lined Pair of Curtains | £79 £31.50 at Made
These curtains come in a range of colours, but the dark terracotta shade is defo our fave. They are quite large at 135cm by 260cm –perfect for providing shade to large doors or windows.View Deal

8. Vali Bathroom Storage Unit – £35.10

Vali Bathroom Storage Unit

(Image credit: Made)

We love this bathroom storage unit – it's great for renters or those with a small amount of floorspace. It offers towel storage, a mirror and shelf storage (for your fave skincare products) all in one. Multifunctional and budget-friendly – win win!

Vali Bathroom Storage Unit | £89 £35.10 at Made
Bathroom storage like we've never seen before, this all-in-one unit is brilliant. Not just practical, but it looks the part, too, with a white matte frame and wooden details.
View Deal

9. Furano Cotton Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases – £40.50

Furano Cotton Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases

(Image credit: Made)

Textured bedding is so in – and it's a simple way to update your bedroom on a budget. Going for plain bedding will allow eyes to wander elsewhere in your room, but this set definitely isn't boring with a muted geometric and jacquard woven design.

Furano Cotton Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases | £59 £40.50 at Made
This set comes with two pillowcases and a duvet cover, and it's 100 per cent cotton. It has buttons to fasten (yes!) and it's super affordable right now. A great buy for your bedroom, or a spare room...View Deal

10. Fes 100% Wool Tufted Pouffe –  £58.50

Fes 100% Wool Tufted Pouff

(Image credit: Made)

Wow, what a beauty! This lovely (and fluffy, may we add) pouffe is almost too pretty to hold your feet. We said almost. It comes in white and black or pink and grey, and it's a great addition to pretty much anywhere in your home – the kids' room, a home office space, your bedroom or a living room. 

Fes 100% Wool Tufted Pouffe | £89 £58.50 at Made
This easy extra seat is as stylish as it is comfortable and high-quality – it's made from 100 per cent wool. Whether for your feet or to be used as an extra seat when hosting, we love it. We'll take four, please!View Deal

11. Genna Jacquard Runner – £44.10

Genna Jacquard Runner

(Image credit: Made)

If you are searching for a runner rug – whether for placing at the bottom of your bed, on your kitchen floor or in your hallway – then look no further than this green beauty. Soft, striking and super affordable at under £50. What's not to love?

Genna Jacquard Runner | £69 £44.10 at Made
Also available in two other colours, this green runner rug measures 200cm long by 66cm wide – great for long hallways. It's made from
50 per cent cotton and 50 per cent polyester chenille.View Deal

12. Pavia Bedside Table – £85

Pavia Bedside Table

(Image credit: Made)

If you are redecorating that bedroom of yours (or maybe the kids' room, or a spare room) then switching out your bedside table(s) makes a simple update. These ones feature plenty of space, they are not only vintage but a little retro, very practical, compact and very casual. 

Pavia Bedside Table | £99 £76.50 at Made
This very lovely bedside table is so cheap, we almost can't believe it!  With a large drawer for hiding bits and bobs you don't want on show, it's made from engineered wood, foil and rattan.View Deal

13. Brisa Linen Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases – £67.50

Brisa Linen Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases

(Image credit: Made)

Yes, this bedding set is eco-friendly and it comes in a huge range of sizes and colours – it also gets softer the more you wash it. 

Brisa Linen Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases | £99 £67.50 at Made
This lovely linen set comes with the duvet cover as well as two pillowcases, and it doesn't really need to be ironed – something we can definitely get on board with. It's double-stitched, too, as well as super breathable.View Deal

14. Freda Rug – £89.10

Freda Rug

(Image credit: Made)

Yes, the Instagrammable Made.com rug we see everywhere is on sale – we can't believe it either. It comes in two sizes and two colours, and it's the perfect addition to a living room. In fact, we have it in ours already! 

Freda Rug | £119 £89.10 at Made
Super soft and super cheap thanks to the Made sale, this rug is an easy way to make your living room look oh-so cosy.View Deal

15. Assembly Tom Pigeon Wall Clock – £16.20

Assembly Tom Pigeon Wall Clock

(Image credit: Made)

The one thing your house is missing? A wall clock. Whether for your kitchen, living room, hallway or home office, this is a smart (and stylish) buy. Designed by Tom Pigeon, this wall clock will tell you the time, and tell your guests that you have style.

Assembly Tom Pigeon Wall Clock | £29 £16.12 at Made
Charcoal in colour with yellow and blue hands, this matte wall clock measures 30cm in diameter, while it's a bargain at under £20.View Deal