How to cook couscous

Want to know how to cook couscous? Tasty and easy to prepare, this healthy grain is great for salads or as a side to tagine and other Moroccan-inspired stews

how to cook couscous
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Want to know how to cook couscous? This healthy, hearty grain can be prepared in under five minutes – which makes it perfect for weekdays – and it's a lighter alternative to rice. All you'll need is boiling water and a little seasoning. 

Coucous is perfect as part of a salad, as an accompaniment to tagine, or other Moroccan inspired stews, and you'll be enjoying couscous before you know it, thanks to our simple instructions.

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How to cook couscous

Storing couscous

Cooked couscous can last in an airtight container, in the fridge, for two to three days. Its lifespan may be less if mixed with other fresh ingredients – for example as part of a couscous salad.


  • Couscous, we'd recommend 50g per person
  • Water or vegetable stock, 50ml per 50g of coucous
  • Olive oil or butter
  • Seasoning


1. Add your coucous to a heat proof bowl. Remember, one serving of uncooked couscous will produce four times the amount of cooked couscous, so your heatproof bowl will need to be large enough.

2. Add boiling water, or boiling vegetable stock to your coucous. Cover with a clean kitchen towel, cling film, or lid and leave the water to absorb for five to ten minutes. Or, until soft.

3. Use a fork to fluff up your couscous. Then, add a dash of olive oil, or a small knob of butter for extra flavour. Season with salt and pepper.

4. Serve your couscous as a side, or leave to cool before adding extra ingredients if you're making a couscous salad.

Tip: you can can add dried spices to your couscous, before adding the boiling water or stock, for even more flavour.

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