Best plants for bedrooms – for cleaner air and good looks

Choosing plants for bedrooms is a wise move – they will add to a relaxed and cosy decorating scheme. Here's how to choose the right ones

best plants for bedrooms: Kenley bed, Furniture Choice Ltd
(Image credit: Furniture Choice Ltd)

The best bedroom plants will add interest to your room, while being low maintenance and happy with a lack of direct light. Bedrooms are often darker than other rooms, with windows that are covered with curtains or blinds, so it's important to choose plants that prefer filtered rather than bright light. Bearing that in mind, most of the plants on our list are tropical varieties that are tolerant of light shade or indirect light. 

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1. Best plants for bright bedrooms

Plants for bedrooms

Bedroom by Norsu Interiors

(Image credit: Norsu Interiors)

If you are blessed with a bedroom that gets plenty of bright, indirect light, the world's pretty much your oyster when it comes to filling the room with plants. Place those that like the most light – notably citrus trees and pelargoniums – near the window, and more shade tolerant species such as the cheese plant and ficus (shown below) further away from the window. 

2. Best plants for small bedrooms

Plants for bedrooms

Original Rustic Bedside Table, Oak Furniture Land

(Image credit: Oak Furniture Land)

If you're tight on space in your bedroom, go for trailing plants such as heart-leaved Philodendrons and Curio rowleyanus or 'string of beads' plant (both shown below) – mix and match to maximise on the different textures and leaf shapes. Place your plant pots in planters to prevent your floors getting wet after watering. 

3. Best elegant bedroom plants

Plants for bedrooms

(Image credit: Sweetpea &Willow)

Like to keep things minimalist? The best plants for bedrooms are a succulent or bonsai tree under a bell jar on your dressing table. Just make sure that they're not too far away from a window and don't overwater. And if you like the intricate look of a terrarium, check out our guide to making a terrarium

4. Best plants for a north-facing bedroom

Plants for bedrooms

Kenley bed, Furniture Choice Ltd

(Image credit: Furniture Choice Ltd)

If you have a north-facing bedroom, your plant options will be a bit more limited, but one plant type will do brilliantly in your room: ferns (shown below). These shade-loving plants won't mind the faint light. Keep them well watered. Draceanas are another good shade-loving option. 

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5. Best plants for a large bedroom

Plants for bedrooms

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Have a large space to fill? There's one bedroom plant that's always up to the task of filling up a space, no matter how big: ficus elastica, or the rubber plant. Trust us when we say this plant will keep growing indefinitely, if you let it. Prune it annually to keep it from getting too huge. Water well in summer and a bit more sparingly in winter. 

6. Best hanging bedroom plants

Plants for bedrooms

Bedroom decorated with plants and chalk paint, Annie Sloan

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

A great option in you don't have very much room for plants, or if you like the idea of creating a hanging plant display, many hanging plants do very well in bedrooms, because they naturally dislike direct light. Ferns do surprisingly well indoors and will look spectacular suspended from your ceiling: try Boston, maidenhead, and asparagus (picture above, far right) ferns. Another plant that's great for hanging is the Chlorophytum or spider plant (above, centre): it will tolerate a bit of shade.

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