3 organization ideas for your tiny laundry area, as inspired by TikTok

Cinderella wishes she knew about these

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My laundry area is so not organized. This is because I find doing laundry the same as doing workouts — it’s tough to get excited about, even though I know the end results will be satisfying.

I also feel like I’d want to do it more if I had all my detergents and other laundry potions properly organized, making it easier to find everything I need to get the job done. My bottles are currently tucked away in one dark cabinet, which isn't the best solution for keeping track of what I have — and it's certainly not an enticing setup when it comes to washing my clothes.

In the same sitch as me? Never fear, LaundryTok is here to save the day. These clever hacks are all you need for making this pretty boring task more efficient (and more aesthetic). They’re also perfect for organizing small apartments and rentals, or any place where you have limited space to put everything. Ready to flip your laundry game? Here are my fave TikTok-inspired laundry organization picks…

1. Glass jars 

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Who knew that laundry scents and softeners could look so aesthetic? I didn’t, until this video made me reassess everything I thought glass jars could be used for. As well as being more visually appealing than the boring bottles they come in, putting them in jars also makes it easier to see how much you’ve got left — no more getting caught without after you've put everything in the washing machine. 

2. Collapsible laundry baskets

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There are lots of fab ideas in this vid, but I’m particularly obsessed with the collapsible laundry basket. If you don’t have room for a chunky hamper but need to cart your laundry back and forth between your laundry area (or the laundrette), this is such a clever option. It can be hidden in your room or closet without ruining the look, but then when you need it, you simply pop it and BAM — it has a whole lot of space for all your clothes. 

3. Powder laundry detergent dispensers

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I know these say they’re cereal and rice dispensers, but as this TikTok proves, they’re ideal for laundry powder, too. Because of the similar consistency, you can measure out exactly how much you need. I’ve found a wooden one just like the video if you want to get the exact look — or if you love the idea but would rather have it tucked away, I’ve also rounded up ones that can be slid into smaller spaces

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