How to reset your space for spring and 9 refreshing decor buys to help you out

A few small updates can totally change the vibe

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After months of cold, dark weather, the arrival of spring always fills me with the urge to reset my home and fully embrace the new season. I always kick off this process with some deep cleaning, followed by making a few simple decor changes. Afterward, my home looks brighter and feels refreshed. 

While I love the concept of going out and splurging on lots of updated seasonal spring decor, I try to keep costs as low as possible with smaller, less costly changes. Admittedly, with the odd slightly-more-spendy buy thrown in here and there. 

If you’re new to the concept of resetting your home for spring, it can be difficult to know where to start and what the best approach to take is, but trust me, with the right picks, it's ultra simple. Here is how to update and refresh your home for spring and a handful of decor buys that fit in with the process.

What is a spring reset?

Before we delve into the best buys for resetting your home ahead of the new season, let's take a look at what exactly a spring decor reset is. 

*Spoiler alert* it's really not anything too fancy. It's simply the process of swapping out your warmer, cozier items — think: heavy throws, those pumpkin spice candles you’re obsessed with, and anything else that screams "winter" — for fresh, spring-inspired buys. The idea is that now it’s starting to get warmer (well, hopefully anyway), you want your home to feel a little fresher. 

A handy tip for your reset is to opt to do your pre-reset deep clean with cleaning products featuring more summery scents, rather than using your favorite winter cleaning buys. Basically, you want to avoid anything with "spiced" in the name, or else you'll be stuck with a house that smells festive all year long. Instead, opt for products that are floral, fruity, or zesty, like my go-to grapefruit cleaning spray that I'm obsessed with. 

To nail your spring decor reset, here's what you need...

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