Property wishlist: New energy-efficient windows and doors

Reduce your bills with the latest energy-saving windows and doors

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Reduce your bills with the latest energy-saving windows and doors.

Why put them on your wishlist?

With energy bills taking up a large proportion of household budgets, opting for windows and doors that offer the best insulation can make your home’s running costs a little less painful. Choosing designs to suit your property can also radically transform its appearance both inside and out.

What’s new?

‘Triple glazing can save you money by improving energy efficiency by a staggering 35 per cent compared to double glazing,’ says Jill McLintock, product marketing manager of Everest. ‘It’s particularly good for noisy areas or places with harsher, colder climates.

‘Another great innovation is composite windows. They combine all the benefits of modern materials, such as thermal performance, with the aesthetic features of wood. They are especially useful where planning restrictions exist, as they are approved by many local councils.’

What you should consider

‘If you’re replacing like-for-like then you don’t need planning permission,’ explains Jill. ‘Only seek advice if you’re in a listed property, Conservation Area or if you’re creating new window openings.

There’s a wide choice of materials on offer, including timber, uPVC, aluminium and composite. ‘The more contemporary a property is, the better suited modern materials are,’ explains Jill. ‘Aluminium is excellent for a sleek look, whereas timber looks best in period homes.’

Need to know

When you’re planning 2015 renovation projects, pencil them in for the summer. ‘There are good deals to be found at all times of year, but warmer weather does make everyone’s life easier when installing windows,’ says Jill.

How much will it cost?

If you want wood throughout, budget from around £15,600 for off-the-shelf double-glazed softwood windows and external doors for a 220-square-metre house. Generally, uPVC is cheaper, with a double-glazed window costing from around £400 including installation.

Featured image: Made from FSC European redwood, this made-to-measure casement design is available from Everest, price on application. It will keep the heat in with argon-filled glazing, but will also allow air to circulate in warmer weather with a lockable night vent position