How to update 5 rooms of your home for under $100

Whether you live in a rental or just don't want to spend too much on making your home look fabulous, here are five ways to update the five most used rooms on a budget

a modern white bathroom with vanity
(Image credit: Jasmine Roth)

Looking for ways to update your home for under $100? Then you, my friend, are definitely in the right place. We quizzed Jasmine Roth, host of HGTV's Hidden Potential, on the best ways to breathe new life into an old home with just $100 in your pocket. 

Jasmine's tips are all about creating that luxury feel without spending a luxury budget. And, if you are renting and don't want to sink too much money into your current home, or you just love a thrifty update, you are sure to find some inspiration.  Here, she focusses on the most-used rooms of the home – including the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and hallway – where a little bit of money will go a long way.

1. Update your Kitchen-diner with contact paper

an industrial style kitchen updated on a budget with contact paper

(Image credit: Jasmine Roth)

Reface your cabinet doors with contact paper for as little as $30 – that's enough to cover five doors, so for $6 a door it is great value.

My first apartment had flat-panel white cabinets that were so old they couldn't be cleaned. Since I was renting, paint wasn't an option. So, I purchased rolls of white contact paper and stuck them right onto the fronts of my cabinets. It was like a brand new kitchen! And so easy because the rolls come in the exact width of most cabinet doors so cutting is minimal.

If I had the chance to do this again, I might even try a pattern. 

2. How to update your bedroom on a budget: if in doubt, plant it out

house plant in a bedroom

(Image credit: Jasmine Roth)

I like to use plants everywhere, especially in bedrooms. Adding a low maintenance house plant not only looks great but helps filter the air. 

In a bedroom, I stay away from spiked plants (think snake plant) and pick softer, more romantic plants. Ferns and cascading ivy are what I have in my bedroom right now. You might want to choose shade-loving house-plants if you always have low light levels in your bedroom.

3. Budget bathroom updates: new hardware for the win

a bathroom vanity updated with new handles

(Image credit: Jasmine Roth)

When most people think of changing out hardware, they immediately think of kitchen cabinets. But most bathroom vanities have the same boring hardware and it's just as easy to change out. 

Since there are usually only a few knobs, I like to mix-and-match or get a little funkier than I normally would in a kitchen. A good range for new hardware can be anywhere from $3–20 per knob, with the majority of hardware falling right in the middle so this is a great budget buy.

4. Re-arrange existing furniture for a FREE update in your living room

console table in a living room with plants for a budget update

(Image credit: Jasmine Roth)

Sometimes the only update a room needs is some clever furniture moving. Yes, you heard me right – take pieces you already have and change it up. You could use a console table that is normally in your entry way and swap it with the sideboard your TV sits on in the living room… small swaps make a BIG difference.

'Shop your home' to find pieces that could work well for a new look in a new room. It costs nothing!

5. Use homemade art in your hallway

Jasmine Roth adding artwork to a hallway

Jasmine added artwork to this hallway for the most personal touch

(Image credit: Jasmine Roth)

Having trouble finding art? Your kids are mini-Picassos!  

You don’t need to spend $$$ on expensive art, your children are bringing home art projects all the time so use those! If they don’t bring home art from school, here is an excuse to whip out the paint and glitter and get them to work. A gallery wall of art created by your children is a fun and budget friendly way to add interest to a bland wall. This only costs the price of some frames which can be picked up for a few dollars on Amazon.

Pro tip: Give them different mediums, (i.e. watercolors, markers, paper...) all in the same color pallet so that there is cohesion throughout the pieces!

For more tips from Jasmine...

Catch Jasmine on Hidden Potential and A Very Brady Renovation on HGTV, or check out her boutique development company, Built Custom Homes for custom residential remodelling services.

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