How to store wrapping paper

Because knowing how to store wrapping paper really is the gift that keeps on giving...

How to store wrapping paper
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Knowing how to store your wrapping paper is one of those satisfying life hack that'll really make you feel like you've got it aaaaall together. Seriously, once you figure out how to organize your Christmas wrapping kit like a pro, there's no going back. The rips and tears, the lopsided cuts and the dreaded soggy patches from where you've let your paper in the 'miscellaneous' box where everything gets chucked! 

Following this how-to guide will give you ideas for years when it comes to storage solutions. So, without much further ado, here's how you should be storing your gift wrapping paper for the festive season and beyond... plus everything you need to make the magic happen! 

1. A festive red wrapping paper bag  

Dunelm red storage bag wrapping paper

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Gift Wrap Storage Bag Red | £7 at Dunelm

Keep it super simple and standard with a must-have storage bag that keeps all of your wrapping paper and general gifting kit in order without taking up too much space. This is a classic attic bag that won't go missing because of its bright and cheery colour. Five star reviews and waterproof, too. 

2. See-through storage for ease 

Amazon cylinder gift wrapper storage

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Christmas Cylinder Gift Wrap Storage | £7.95 at Amazon 

This is the kind of invention that is so obvious but also genius that we wish we'd come up with it ourselves! It's plastic and clear, meaning you can see what you've got in the bag before it's opened - the ultimate no-fuss storage solution. It can store up to 25 rolls of standard wrapping paper, too. 

3. A no-nonsense plastic storage box  

Amazon clear plastic storage box

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Really Useful Storage Box 22 Litre | £17.20 at Amazon 

The only thing better than Tupperware is massive Tupperware, so this obviously had to make the cut in our round-up of best storage solutions for your wrapping paper. This is your no-nonsense storage solution that promises no damage to your goods. With clip lock handles to secure the lid, there's a reason that this product's official name is 'really useful storage box'. 

4. A space-saving hanging organiser

Amazon hanging gift wrapping paper organizer

(Image credit: Amazon)

Double-Sided Hanging Gift Bag Wrapping Paper Holder  £15.99 at Amazon

When space is at a premium it's wise to think up storage solutions that don't take up extra floor space. Bingo! This is the perfect space-saving wrapping paper storage solution. Hang it from a railing or door peg and keep your gift wrapping kit safe and organized. The clear PVC pockets offer easy visibility and the different compartments make this ideal for bows, sellotape, ribbons and the likes! 

5. An umbrella holder wrapping paper station 

Amazon wrapping paper holder umbrella station

(Image credit: Amazon)

Mango Steam Pluvian Soakstone Umbrella Holder | £29.99 at Amazon 

Urm, brainwave moment! Why not invest in a storage solution that doubles up, allowing you to store a variety of things throughout the year? An umbrella stand is a handy piece of kit that looks good and you might even already have knocking about in your home. Chucking your wrapping paper rolls in there will work a treat! 

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