If autumn girlie is your personality, here's how to make your home smell like fall

Pumpkin spice life

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The season of rich spices and warming scents is here (well, almost) and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s the time of year when burnt orange, yellow, and deep red-hued autumn home decor takes over our spaces, and we are so ready for it. Summer is great and all but there’s no season quite as beautiful (or as effortlessly cozy) as fall, IMO. 

And a huge part of curating that glorious fall aesthetic in your home is through scent. Be it candles or reed diffusers, home fragrance plays a big part in the fall season for us, because it’s just not fall without pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apple wafting around your apartment. Am I right? So, what’s the best way to make your space smell like the season of golden leaves and add that wonderfully cozy vibe? We tell all.

We’ve rounded up a selection of ideas that will instantly add that fall feel to your home with layers of rich, spicy, warming scents — and we've added a few helpful product recs for making it happen.

How to make your home smell like fall

1. Create a simmer pot 

After something that'll really make your space smell like the season? Well, a simmer pot could be just the thing. For a super strong concoction of your favorite fall scents, you honestly can’t go wrong with a simmer pot. Cheap and easy to make, simmer pots circulate all your go-to autumn fragrances around your home. All you need is a pan, a little water, and a selection of items to create one. Things like orange and lemon peels, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and vanilla tend to work well — but there are plenty of other recipes out there you can try depending on your personal preference.

2. Light candles  

Basic but it works. Whether you opt to burn your candles the classic way or warm them using a candle warming lamplike this one from Amazon — to preserve the scent for longer, scented candles are a super simple way to infuse all those fall smells you love into your home. Candles instantly elevate your space scent-wise and visually add to the ambiance. Yes, please! 

3. Burn wax melts  

Burning wax melts (like these pumpkin and leaf-shaped picks from Amazon) can be a great route to go down. Choose a selection in your favorite fall scents — whether that's PSL or cinnamon — and you'll instantly uplift your space. Pro tip: To ensure the scent lasts for longer, warm your melts in an electric melter rather than burning them over a candle. While it may take slightly longer for the scent to disperse, it will last for an extended period.  

4. Add potpourri

No, your mom isn't the only person using potpourri! For a subtle fall scent, treat yourself to a new potpourri pot or revive one you already have with a few drops of your favorite fall essential oil. Get the right oil and your home will smell incredible. Our editor-in-chief recommends this Amazon pack of autumn bakery scents, or if you want something less in-your-face fall, she suggests trying out a cedar essential, like this highly-rated option from Amazon.

5. Use essential oils  

Speaking of using essential oils, one of my favorite ways to make my home smell like fall is to pick out a few new oil blends (like this set from Amazon) and combine them with my essential oil diffusers dotted around my home. Find the right scent and your home will smell absolutely glorious. 

6. Add cinnamon brooms 

Is it even fall if you don’t get a cinnamon broom for your home? Our team is adding this scented Amazon pick to our carts this season. To add a li'l seasonal fragrance, a cinnamon broom or two can be a great option. Add one of these to your front entryway, living room, or hallway, and you'll smell the cozy spiced aroma before you even see any cute fall decor when you come home.

We've also tested a bunch of fall-scented reed diffusers if you'd much rather scent your home this way.

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