How to make icing

We cover the basics of how to make icing for ultra enviable bakes

how to make icing
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Has an addiction to the Great British Bake Off got you wondering how to make icing? While there's certainly an art to mastering a piping bag, making buttercream itself is pretty straightforward. All you'll need are a handful of ingredients, and a little creative spirit. 

And if you don't fancy your chances as a pro-baker, buttercream icing is also a great option for baking with kids. Allow them to experiment with food colouring, sprinkles and sweets for a fun afternoon activity. 

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How to make icing 


  • Unsalted butter, 150 grams
  • Icing sugar, 250 grams
  • Vanilla extract, a drop or two
  • Optional: food colouring, cocoa powder, flavourings, citrus zest


1. Place your butter in a large bowl and use a wooden spoon, or electric mixer, to achieve a smooth consistency

2. Gradually add your icing sugar to the mix, folding into the butter as you progress. Allow your mixing to become more vigorous, the more icing sugar you add.

3. Stir in your vanilla extract, along with coloured icing, cocoa powder and any other flavourings, as suits.

4. Continue whisking until your mixture is smooth and creamy. Then, either spoon onto your bake, or use an icing bag to pipe.