How to get your guest bedroom ready for Christmas

Get your guest bedroom (or just the sofa bed) ready for Christmas visitors with these top Oak Furnitureland Black Friday buys

bedroom by Oak Furnitureland
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It’s nearing that time of year where your house basically becomes a hotel. Your friends come over for dinner, the eggnog you’ve had since last year is opened and before you know it, they are unable to drive, or it just gets too late and you end up hearing the words, “Of course you can stay” leave your mouth before you can stop them. So in preparation for this inevitable Christmas onslaught, it’s time to start making sure your guest bedroom is ready for the crowds. And thanks to Oak Furnitureland’s amazing Black Friday deals, you don’t have to empty your bank account to ensure all your guests are happy. 

1. Get the bed right

Okay, let’s talk about the most important part of a guest bedroom, the bed. Obviously. Oak Furnitureland has a huge range of beds in all different sizes and styles, plus so many of them are in its Black Friday sale. Just check out this lovely natural oak double bed (loads of space underneath for extra storage) or for a more rustic style, the French Farmhouse bed is perfect. 

A handy tip when it comes to actually making the guest bed is to layer up your bedding. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to sleeping temperatures: some people like to cocoon, whereas others only need a sheet. Save your guests the embarrassment of having to ask for more bedding by layering up a couple of blankets. And think about the thickness of your duvet too, we reckon go for a medium-warmth one (between 7-10.5 tog), so guests can layer up or down.

Christmas bedroom by Oak Furnitureland

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2. No room for a bed? No problem

Just because you don’t have the space for a dedicated guest bedroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t transform a living room or even an office into a comfy, practical space. Upgrade your guests from the blow up mattress and invest in a sofa bed. Oak Furnitureland has some fab deals on sofa beds at the moment – we especially love this two seater sofa bed, it’s deluxe mattress won’t just ensure guests have a great night's sleep, it will also fit seamlessly in your living room. 

Bedroom by Oak Furnitureland

(Image credit: Oak Furnitureland)

3. Make sure you have plenty of storage

There is nothing worse than arriving at your friends’ house for the weekend, and opening the wardrobe to finding it overflowing with spare blankets, old coats and the vacuum. You are then forced to keep all of your clothes rolled in your suitcase for days! Make sure when you are hosting to clear out part of your wardrobe for your guests’ luggage. If you simply don’t have the room in your current spare wardrobe to do that, think about getting one a bit roomier. This natural solid oak double wardrobe is on offer at the moment at an amazing price, as is this more traditional-style Canterbury wardrobe. Both would offer ample room for your guests belongings, plus you could use the drawer for storing spare bedding, the vacuum however may have to find a new home...

If you don’t have room for a full on wardrobe, opt instead for a cabinet or a sideboard that has plenty of drawers. This solid oak cabinet is small enough so that it won’t take over a small guest bedroom but big enough so your guests don’t have to live out of a suitcase and can actually unpack their things.

Bedroom by Oak Furnitureland

(Image credit: Oak Furnitureland)

Top tip: If you do choose to go for a smaller storage option just make sure you have some hangers on the back of the door – those snazzy sequin Christmas outfits weren’t made for being folded into drawers!

4. Don’t forget the little things

We aren’t talking miniature chocolates on the pillow here, but the odd thoughtful touch will always be appreciated. Dig out those mini toiletries you always nick from hotels, make sure there is a fluffy towel on the bed and even have some books or magazines out on the bedside table. 

Feeling less overwhelmed? Us too. Just be sure to place all your orders at Oak Furnitureland ASAP so they arrive in time for the big day!* Good luck. 

*Please check the product’s pages for further details on any deliveries before Christmas

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