How to get the Art Deco look in your home

Although minimalist interiors are still a strong trend in interior design more designers are looking for ways to bring more texture, colour and angles into their designs. You can see this through the use of more contrasting building materials, as well as a re-emergence of the Art Deco trend.


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Art Deco design originated in the early 20th Century as a reaction to the Art Nouveau movement. Art Deco design favoured symmetrical patterns, streamlined strong lines and geometrical and trapezoidal shapes.

Art Deco inspiration for the living space


When looking to bring Art Deco into your living spaces you should look to incorporate single pieces into the scheme, not suites. For example pick a sofa and arm chair that complement each other rather than match exactly.


Art Deco inspired armchairs will be based on basic geometric shapes formed with precise, rounded edges. These pieces can maintain a modern design when made in luxurious finishes such as soft leather.


Most traditional Art Deco designed sofas are small, two seaters. But if you have a larger space, or need to accommodate for more people, then a rounded or curved corner sofa can bring a simple element of Art Deco design to your living space. Curved corner sofas are also, more often than not, available with recliners helping to create a very comfortable seating area.


Updating your dining chairs is the perfect way to bring an element of Art Deco inspiration into your eating areas. Choose chairs with streamlined legs or supports for an instant update. You can also bring a splash of colour into a modern, minimalist interior design here by choosing chairs with a bright seat colour.


Art Deco furniture for the bedroom


Trapezoidal shaped or patterned head boards are the easiest way to create an Art Deco interior scheme in the bedroom however they can make quite a statement. For a subtler touch try adding an Art Deco style side table to your bedroom. Art deco table designs are, again, inspired by geometrical shapes and symmetrical patterns. Modern styles take on a more simplified form to create a modern minimalist look.


For the wardrobe you are able to merge a modern and art deco design by choosing a minimalist wardrobe with a geometrical art deco handles.


Art Deco accessories


Art Deco design came to prominence during the glitzy golden age of cinema with many cinemas of the time adopting this style. You can bring this Hollywood glamour into your own home with a vintage style spotlight. These large table or floor lights are quirky pieces that can bring an element of interest to a minimalist room or can be used to complement an eclectic Art Deco inspired space.


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