How to clean a glass stove top — yours will be spotless after these 6 steps

Easy expert-approved steps for how to clean a glass stove top and leave it gleaming

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If you’re wondering how to clean a glass stove top in a bid to get your kitchen  sparkling clean and smelling fresh, you're in the right place.

These six steps from our cleaning experts will guide to getting your glass stove top looking its best again. 

Our expert-approved tips will reveal  how to clean a stove top without causing damage to the glass, keeping it budget-friendly and simple to follow. 

How to clean a glass stove top easily 

First things first. In order to know how to properly clean a stove top, removing all the grease, grime and other residues, our experts highlight the importance of choosing the right products and the steps you need to take to clean a glass stove top well. 

1. Ensure the stove is cool

Safety first. Before you start cleaning, make sure the stove isn't hot and remained switched off. Digital ones are easy to turn on by mistake when cleaning. If yours has a lock function, hit that button now.

Cleaning expert, Sabrina Tretyakova says, “Wait for the glass stove top to cool down to room temperature before cleaning it. Besides injuring yourself, cleaning it while it's hot can damage the glass stove top.”

Sabrina Tretyakova
Sabrina Tretyakova

Sabrina Tretyakova is an ISSA-certified cleaning technician helping more than 1,200 clients including private homeowners and large corporate offices. 

2. Remove any debris before cleaning

Christina Chrysostomou, acting head ecommerce editor, says, “I remove all dry debris after cooking with my Shark Wandvac from Amazon, then use Bounty kitchen towel also from Amazon, and the Mrs. Meyers all-purpose cleaner from Target in lemon verbena to get rid of grease.”

Christina Chrysostomou
Christina Chrysostomou

Christina Chrysostomou is acting head ecommerce editor at Real Homes. 

3. Clean with baking soda and white vinegar

Cleaning expert Sabrina recommends cleaning with baking soda and white vinegar. She says, “This homemade solution is the best for cleaning kitchen appliances because it removes bacteria and germs while ensuring a perfect cleaning job.

“Spray the glass stove top with white vinegar (we always recommend this Heinz white vinegar from Amazon) and sprinkle baking soda (this Arm & Hammer baking soda from Amazon would work well). Cover the stove top with a damp towel and allow it to remain for 15 minutes. After that, remove the towel and wipe the glass stove top with a dry microfiber cloth.”

4. Use dish soap to clean your glass stove top

As an alternative, you can use a dish soap (this Dawn dish soap from Amazon would work well) solution to clean the glass stove top.

“Swirl some dish soap and sprinkle baking soda over the entire stove top surface. Add a little hydrogen peroxide and mix the solution. You can use elbow grease and a non-abrasive scrubber to clean your glass stove top. Finally, wipe it down with a clean, damp rag.”

Punteha van Terheyden, editor of Real Homes adds, “I use dish soap on a sponge within an hour of cooking so it's still a bit warm and debris hasn't gone cold and hard yet, followed up with a degreasing spray on a lint-free cloth. If I've run out, I use a vinegar cleaning spray (this white vinegar cleaning spray from Amazon should do the trick)."

5. Be mindful of cleaning products to avoid

Sabrina says, “Never use bleach or ammonia-based cleaners for cleaning glass stove tops because they can damage them, along with hot water, which might make it crack.

“Don't use too much water either to clean the glass stove tops because water droplets can be difficult to remove entirely and tend to form visible spots after drying. 

6. Clean gently

Sabrina says, “Be gentle with your cleaning process and do not apply excess pressure. Using circular motions to clean the surface can prove helpful. Scrubbing hard can cause scratches on the glass stove top.”

“Microfiber cloth is the best equipment for cleaning glass stove tops. Besides being softer and gentler, they are more environmentally friendly.”


What are the best products to use to clean a glass stove top?

Can you use natural cleaning products to clean a glass stove top?

Knowing how to clean a glass stove top can be a more challenging task than you might think. Choosing the right cleaning products and tools to use is vital, otherwise, you could end up damaging the glass top of your stove. 

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