How to Choose your Roof Window

When selecting roof windows for your new or existing home, it helps to know exactly what you need before starting the search.

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When selecting roof windows for your new or existing home, it may seem overwhelming with all the different options and additional features to choose from. For this process, it helps to know exactly what you need before starting the search for your perfect roof windows.

Why Add Roof Windows?
Roof windows can be a great addition to your home because they add more natural light, therefore reducing the use of artificial lighting and due to the glazing of the glass, are more energy efficient and can decrease electricity bills. They can also offer a healthier home seeing as vertical windows circulate the air within your room. By opening your roof window, hot air, odors and toxins can escape.
On another note, adding roof windows can increase your productivity and offer a better learning
environment for your kids. The natural light is healthy and essential for your general wellbeing while the better indoor air quality will allow you to sleep better, improving your overall mood for the following day. The fresher air also gives your kids or yourself a better environment to learn in, as studies have shown. This ideal indoor climate can be achieved with the combination of the daylight and fresher air.

Planning and Budgeting
When it is time to start planning for your roof windows, start by considering your budget. This will help you in the process of choosing, as it will filter out certain options and facilitate the decision process. Once your budget is set, think about the time frame that you have. Do you need the windows to be installed by a certain date? This time frame will help as it sets the groundwork for you and your builder to establish expectations and remain within your budget.
Unless you have the time and skill set to install the roof window yourself, you will need a builder to do the job. It is advised to get more than one quote, compare your options and go with someone who has recommendations backing up his/her previous work.

Which Roof Window Do I Need?
As previously stated, when looking for your roof window it is very helpful to know what needs you are trying to fulfill. Are you looking for extra security? Increased energy efficiency? Or perhaps easy maintenance? Along with additional features and perks, you can find roof windows to match any of these preferences.
The first thing to consider is whether you want to be able to open your roof window, or if a fixed
window is all you need. This option ties into the question of whether or not ventilation is one of your priorities. If this is the case-then of course you will be opting for an opening roof window. This guide from The Roof Window Store will help you through this process.

Are you looking to decrease electricity bills?
If you are looking to reduce your energy costs and become more energy efficient, you will be looking at glazing options. You may be guided to buying triple glazed windows. However, with the quality of windows available nowadays, double glazed windows should be good enough.

   Double glazed refers to a window with two panes of glass and one insulating chamber between these panes.

   Triple glazed refers to windows with three panes of glass and therefore two insulating chambers.

This means, that with an extra glass pane and an additional insulating chamber, the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature is more so protected. If you do not necessarily have the extra money to invest into triple glazed windows, the double glazed windows will be energy efficient enough, and will also allow more natural lighting into your space.

Are you looking for extra safety and security?
This is an interesting aspect for anyone looking to install a roof window in a location that is easily accessible for an outsider. Usually this will not be the case. If however this is one of your priorities, you have the option of getting a burglary-resistant roof window which guarantees to remain stable up to the endurance of a steel ball weighing 4kg being dropped on the window from 9 meters up-three times!

Are you looking for a window that is easy to clean and maintain?
If you want to fully enjoy your new roof window, you want it to be clean at all times. This can be a pain, due to lack of time, not being able to reach the window or simply not wanting to spend time cleaning it. For this reason, manufacturers now offer windows with self-cleaning glass.

Self-cleaning glass is a double-glazed glass on which water dries quicker and therefore prevents the build-up of dirt. The glass has an outer coating of titanium dioxide that causes any water that drops on the glass to spread evenly and absorbs ultra-violet light which allows it to chop up the dirt into smaller pieces in order for it to wash away much easier.

If you have children, you may opt for the child lock feature on your roof window, and if your window will be placed out of reach, an electric or solar powered remotely controllable window  may be your preference.