5 alternative ideas for bedside tables

When it comes to decorating your home, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experiment with some alternative styles

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Part of the fun is responding to new on-trend ideas and designs which really suit the rooms and spaces, using original objects to create an interesting theme. In particular, when it comes to filling that empty space next to your bed, there are many chic and minimal approaches you could take. Some designs are practical, some are of a more adhoc nature and invite the owner to adorn it with trinkets, books, watches and other important sleeping kit and apparel. Create an atmospheric, unique canvas to make your bedroom space that bit more practical, yet sophisticated. 

Holiday Cottages have compiled a few ideas together to inspire your mood when it comes to redecorating your holiday cottage’s bedroom.

A French vintage style

Why not use a vintage style fruit crate as a floating table to give a rustic feel to an otherwise modern bedroom? Browse flea markets and, if you can, French markets, to get these at a good price. Many have authentic print on them, just make sure that they don’t look too new. If they do, you can always sandpaper them to give more of a rustic edge.

Attach these to the wall either side of the bed and put a few arty books in one and a vintage clock or objet d’art in the other. Place a small lamp inside to give a warmer feel to the room or hang lights around them that will sparkle. You can also use them freestanding filled with magazines and something small on top (bearing in mind you will have a gap) or put metal wheels on the bottom which makes them easier to move around.

A magical woodland experience

A wonderful way of bringing the forest into your home is to use a tree trunk as one or both bedside tables. Though two similar hunks of wood look great either side of a huge bed with crisp white linen, a single trunk also works. Experiment by trying out two completely different species, shapes and textures. You can keep a rustic look or sand them down and varnish them if you prefer a smoother look. One trick worth noting is to keep lighting very simple, via a small utilitarian lamp for example.

Boarding school trunks

There’s no better way to evoke your youth than with an old boarding school trunk. If you don’t have one in your family, there are lots just waiting for you at second hand and antique shops. A bonus to repurposing this type of table is that you can use them for storage. Why not paint yours with different coloured chalk paints? White is a popular choice but you can play around with colour depending on your theme throughout the house.

Breeze block-chic

While breeze blocks may remind you of a building site rather than a plush holiday home full of decoration possibilities, they are a brilliant way to fill a small gap between a bed and a wall. Use two or three stacked on top of one another, and enhance them with a simple short jar of flowers on top – different hues of green look wonderful. A large utilitarian lamp completes the look or hang a long lamp directly above the breeze blocks from the ceiling. The wonderful thing about breeze blocks is not only are they cheap, but they resemble expensive Italian stone if styled cleverly – just don’t try to fool anybody.

Climb your way up

If you’re looking for something completely alternative that gives you ample opportunity to store your current reading book and night things, why not consider using a wooden stepladder? You can buy these at vintage stores or charity shops – maybe you have one in your shed! Applied style can vary, some favour leaving the original natural wood veneer, whilst painting the ladder with a chalk paint can brighten up a room – the brighter the better! The possibilities are unlimited as to how you can style such an unusual addition to your bedroom furniture.

Though traditional wooden steps work beautifully, you can also get some great vintage finds at boot fairs or old showrooms – as long as these are put in a very smart room with minimal accessories, they do exude a contemporary feel.

Most of all, have fun with this trend – there are so many other substitute items to try out – tea chests, metal beer barrels, mismatching chairs. The wonderful thing is that with all of the different types of chalk, wood and metal paints available, you can use anything that sparks your imagination, and if you don’t like it, just paint over it and try again!

For more great interior design advice, especially when it comes to decorating your holiday home, get in touch with holidaycottages.co.uk, who are on hand to offer their expertise.

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