I'm finally going to buy Christmas stockings thanks to this TikTok hack

No mantel needed

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When we first moved into our apartment, my husband and I quickly realized we wouldn't be able to carry on our tradition of putting up stockings. Without a fireplace or mantel to hang them from, we spent our first two Christmases sans stockings. Since then, we've always assumed we'd get these festive decorations once we can afford to buy a home or move into a bigger place.

I'll admit, it hasn't felt quite right buying stocking stuffers without a stocking to put them in. But this is the year that all changes, thanks to this brilliant TikTok hack that has absolutely blown my mind.


My favorite way to hang our Christmas stockings. I have been hanging them this way for a few years and it’s one of the most affordable and easiest ways that I have found!

♬ original sound - ✰ Christmas sounds ✰

Creator @nicholepaclibar cleverly uses cord bundlers from Command (every renter's go-to brand) to act as ribbons and hang her stockings from her TV cabinet. Not to be dramatic, but this actually made my jaw drop, and I immediately sent the video to every small space dweller I know.

The cord bundlers are readily available from multiple online destinations, but if you're hoping for a solution using the trusty Command hooks you may already have at home (or can pick up in any Target, Walmart, or grocery store), then you're in luck. There's a hack using the classic hooks, too.


♬ original sound - Nathalie Munoz

The hooks are hidden on the backside of cabinet drawers in this setup by @nathaliemunozx3, and the hooks could work just as well stuck flat on a table or shelf surface.

The best thing about both of these hacks is their versatility. No matter how small, every home has a windowsill, cabinet, countertop, or table edge they can hang their stockings from. That means this Christmas tradition can come with you to any space you live in. I've already gone out to pick up my Command hooks and have been intensely online shopping for stockings that fit in with our home decor and Christmas color scheme.

After finding these two TikToks and beginning my hunt for the perfect stockings, the algorithm started to do its thing on the app and on Instagram. Soon, even more solutions came my way. If you're hoping to set up more of a focal display and have a ladder or ladder shelf at hand, this Reel from @homeyohmy is for you.

Finally, if you're feeling ambitious and have a toolbox and some spare time, you can create your own renter-friendly mantelpiece with this Scandi-style DIY from @bymeghang. This nature-inspired display requires a branch, cup hooks, picture frame hangers, some twine or string, and of course, Command hooks. It'll take a little longer than our other hacks, but the results are so worth it.


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