Beautiful period windows

Restore or replace your wooden windows with help from the experts at Ventrolla

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Period property is a big task, but it’s well worth the effort if you get it right. Original timber windows were crafted from seasoned hardwood, and have withstood years of wear and tear, so, if maintained properly, they will continue to outlive many modern substitutes. If possible, it’s a great idea to retain as much of the historic timber as possible. This can be done by treating any rotten areas, and making sure the sashes operate smoothly.

When it comes to timber windows, common issues include draughts, leaks, rot, and low energy effciency. Ventrolla offers three different solutions to these problems.

Firstly, Ventrolla renovates sash and casement windows, and installs a draught-proofing system as part of the service, which will eliminate draughts, leaks and rattles while improving energy effciency.

Alternatively, you could choose sympathetic timber replacement double-glazed sashes. The benefit of replacing only the moving sashes with new, slim, double-glazed alternatives, is that you’ll get minimal disruption to the sash boxes themselves, and therefore to your decoration. This also results in a modern, functional, and energy efficient product.

If your existing windows are beyond repair, then bespoke, new double-glazed windows can be manufactured and installed by the experts at Ventrolla, which can match your existing timber window profile, including the box frame, using traditional joinery methods.

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