10 tips for transforming your home with plants this winter

Guest blogger, presenter and interiors writer, Jen Stanbrook, shares her top tips for using plants to transform your home this winter

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With the colder months soon upon us, adding vibrancy and colour to your home with plants is a great way to inject something new and creative into your décor.

Both plants and flowers have made a big comeback in interiors in recent years so don’t shy away from integrating them into your scheme. They can add movement and interest in a way no other accessories can, and really bring your home to life. If you want to embrace the trend, here are some of my top tips for making plants work in your home in the autumn.

Orchid 2

1. Think colour and texture

Make the most of both colour and texture and use plants just like you would any other home accessory. Use the hues of the leaves to co-ordinate with your wall colour or other colour accents in a room.

2. Consider your display

Think about interesting ways to display plants, hanging them from the ceiling in macramé holders, combining different sized terrariums or contrasting alternate heights with different coloured foliage and flowers.

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3. Group them together

Be bold and display plants in larger groups for a real wow factor in any room. Group in odd numbers for a professionally styled look, choose a colour palette that complements your room scheme and don’t be afraid to experiment.

4. Pick your pots

Use a mix of materials for plant pots, which suit your home and your décor. Display them in a mix of metallic holders for an on-trend look, glass for something timeless, and geometric, angled pots for a contemporary look.

Orchid 4

5. Choose easy-to-care for plants

Succulents, cacti and orchids are very stylish and great throughout the winter, so consider ways to integrate them into your home. Line these easy-to-care for plants on a windowsill for an instant update to any room.

6. Opt for an orchid

Minimal, unfussy plants like the orchid will give your home a contemporary feel and coordinate well with both modern and more classic styles. The beauty of the plant is that it won’t date or become out of vogue, simply learn how to tend and care for them to breathe new life into your interiors.

7. Mix with materials

Unusual materials mixed with plants and flowers can look stunning. Think about experimenting with fur, hessian and cork for creating plant pot décor that goes above and beyond the norm. Wire baskets and concrete planters add innovative texture to homes and are a great way to bring small amounts of these materials into your living space.

Orchid 5

8. Get crafty

Create your own pots to suit your home. Discover your inner creative and spend a weekend making your own DIY plant pots. Take some old terracotta pots, spray paint them and add a bold, on-trend design to suit your home. Tutorials such as this on my blog, Love Chic Living, will help you achieve the look.

9. Try out terrariums

Terrariums are very easy to create yourself and the fun, geometric shaped planters can be found in places like Rockett St. George, West Elm and Rose and Grey. Etsy and Not on the High Street also have a great selection, so there’s plenty of choice to suit everyone.

10. Seek out inspiration

Finally, if you’re still unsure about how to create impact with plants and flowers, check out resources such as Pinterest and lifestyle blogs to see how to style them. For example, this home style Pinterest board has hundreds of creative and on-trend ways to style plants in the home.