Writing a Coronavirus checklist? The best thermometer should be at the top

Worried about yourself, or someone close to you amid the Coronavirus outbreak? Pop a thermometer in your basket to check your temperature regularly for peace of mind

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Got fears that you'll catch COVID-19? Don't go through the days worrying that you may or may not have contracted it, instead, buy a thermometer for your peace of mind. Even better? You won't even have to leave the house to do so – perfect if you're self isolating. Because let's be honest, the chances of your practically-empty supermarket having some on the shelves is incredibly slim. Thank the gods for Amazon at a time like this.

While we're definitely not saying that the only symptom of Coronavirus is a high temperature, owning a thermometer is a smart idea whether Coronavirus is around or not. The NHS website does claim that these three symptoms could mean you have Coronavirus: a cough; a high temperature and shortness of breath. And we're sure you'd rather be safe than sorry, especially if you have kids or care for an elderly or sick person.

Stockpiling has been a major concern in the UK recently, with several people buying things like pasta, tins, toilet roll and more, in masses. Don't get caught out – buy a thermometer now, in case they're the next item to go. Remember: only buy enough for yourself to save some for others. We're all in the same boat.

We've trawled Amazon and found two different thermometers to buy, both of which are on sale. This way no matter your budget, you can find out your temperature without having to go to your local pharmacist. They're also great for keeping in your handbag if you are going out and about at the moment.

Head over to our cleaning page for more info on what to use to kill germs around your home, or head over to our health and beauty page for advice.

Yinouday Digital Body Thermometer | Was £9.99, now £5.48
This thermometer is water-resistant, easy to clean and it takes just 20 seconds to show an accurate reading. It needs to be placed in the mouth or under an armpit to work, and it can be used on babies and adults. It's also the perfect handbag size. Oh, and there's free delivery.View Deal

Feeilty Forehead Non Contact Infrared Thermometer LCD Digital Temperature Meter | Was £100, now £49 + £3.99 delivery
This thermometer requires no contact to check your temperature. It simply needs to be pointed 3cm to 5cm away from a forehead and will give you an accurate reading within seconds. Great if you think someone has Coronavirus so are trying to keep your distance. As for the price tag, think of it more as an investment. It'll last for years.View Deal

Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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