Where to find hand sanitizer in stock now

Searching for hand sanitizer? Here's where to buy it at large retailers and a few unexpected sources.

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Still wondering where to find hand sanitizer? As the novel coronavirus pandemic persists, hand sanitizer is still in high demand. Online retailers typically sell out a few days (if not a few hours) after stock goes live. And while good old soap and water is still the best bet for banishing germs, when you do have to go out for groceries, hand sanitizer is most convenient.

As retailers work overtime to make sure their shelves are stocked with the essentials that will help keep us safe right now, we've been seeing hand sanitizer more readily available in stores and at a few select online retailers, including lots of places you wouldn't typically go to find it. 

Here's where and how to get hand sanitizer in-stock now. We're starting with online, and then moving to brick-and-mortar stores, below. 

Klean + Hand Sanitizer Crisp Lavender 50ml| $4.75 at Klean+ 

Klean+ has hand sanitizer in stock. Buy a single spray bottle, or a pack of three, 12, or 24.

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Where to buy hand sanitizer online

Major retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens and CVS are still largely out of stock of hand sanitizer online, but smaller, less-known stores, including a number of beauty and all-natural retailers, are still stocked up. 

Here are the best places to buy hand sanitizer online as of April 29.

Cabinet's Pay What You Can Preparedness Kit | Was $40, now $30 at Cabinet

This kit contains essentials that'll help keep you healthy through the coronavirus pandemic and the rest of flu season. It includes two bottles of spray hand sanitizer, plus cold & flu medicine. While it's $30 for the general public, health care workers can email help@wearecabinet.com for tailored discounts and a pay-what-you-can policy.

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Peter Thomas Roth Alcohol Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer| $10 at Peter Thomas Roth

This skincare brand is selling hand sanitizer on their website for $10. There's a limit of 10 per order, and shipping is free over $50.

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Klean + Hand Sanitizer Crisp Lavender 50ml| $4.75 at Klean+ 

Klean+ has hand sanitizer in stock. Buy a single spray bottle, or a pack of three, 12, or 24.

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Pipette Baby hand sanitizer | $4.99 at Pipette Baby

This 8 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer is in stock but takes 7-21 days for shipping, so get your orders in proactively.View Deal

100% Pure Hand Sanitizer Spray| $5.00 at 100% Pure

For $5 you can nab this FDA compliant hand sanitizer infused with aloe and tea tree oil.View Deal

Quick check hand sanitizer stock at major retailers:

Where to buy hand sanitizer near you

Don't have a week to wait for your hand sanitizer delivery? We've also been seeing it more in stores.

We've been keeping an eye on big national retailers like Home Depot, Costco, Lowe's, Walgreens, CVS, and  Target with the latter the most consistent bet for getting hand sanitizer quickly. The Target website has multiple brands available for in-store purchase or same-day shipping with its Shipt program.

For the best chance of getting in-demand supplies, check stock at your local Target first thing in the morning. To see what's available at Target, you have to check the "Pickup today" or "In-stores" option under "Shipping & Pickup." If a product is available for same day delivery, that will also be noted on the right=hand side of the screen.

Here are a few hand sanitizers that are currently available at Target for either in-store pickup or same-day delivery.

The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray, Grapefruit Grove - 2 fl oz | $2.99 at Target

This pint-size spray from The Honest Company is available for  pickup at many of the stores we've checked in the suburban New York City area.View Deal

Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer | $5.99 at Target

This plant-derived hand-sanitizer is alcohol-free, but still kills 99.9 percent of germs in 15 seconds. It's currently available for store pickup only. Click below to see if it's in-stock near you.View Deal

Hand Sanitizer & Carrier - 1.05oz - More Than Magic™ Black Cherry Champ | $1.99 at Target

This small-sized bottle is great for on-the-go. We've seen a handful available at many of the stores we've checked. View Deal

You can also check in-store hand sanitizers at Walgreens. This Germ-X Hand Sanitizer Gel version is widely available in store.

Germ-X Hand Sanitizer Gel | Get price in store at Walgreens

This Germ-X Hand Sanitizer Gel is in stock at about half of the stores we checked. Click below and set your zip code to see availability near you. View Deal

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