Waking up with neck ache? Cash in on this My Pillow promo code

On the hunt for a My Pillow promo code? How can we blame you when it's supposedly the best pillow in the entire world? There's also free delivery right now, too...

My Pillow promo code: Pillow on bed
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Bothered by flat pillows? You need this My Pillow promo code to help you sleep better. Why? Not only has the My Pillow been rated The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow, but it's machine washable and it can be put in the clothes dryer, too. Even better? It comes with a 10 year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Oh, and there's currently a sale on to save you over 50 per cent off. 

Yup, the My Pillow usually retails at $59.99 but if you're in need of a two pack or a four pack, there are deals below to save you up to 50 per cent off AND there's free delivery.

We've rounded up the best pillows you can buy in our buyer's guide, otherwise head to our bedroom page for more product recommendations and ideas.

What makes the My Pillow so special?

Well, CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, has created a completely customizable pillow to suit customers' needs. Whether you sleep best on your front, you're more comfortable on your side or you prefer snoozing on your back, this one pillow can suit all sleeping situations. Before selecting your size, find your Fill Level (using the chart below or the website questions) and afterwards you'll be given a color code. Yellow indicates least firm, white is medium, green is medium-firm and blue is firm. This will be based off your gender or age, sleeping position and clothes size.

My Pillow sizing guide

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But how does the My Pillow help you sleep better?

The My Pillow features a patented interlocking fill, this aims to gently cradle your head and neck to ensure it stays in the position you fall asleep in, all night long.

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