Up your cooking game with an air fryer (this one's on sale!)

ICYMI, an air fryer is your secret to guilt-free, crispy cuisine.

air fryer
(Image credit: Amazon)

Want to upgrade your kitchen? Pick up an air fryer. In a world full of fancy pressure cookers and stand mixers, an air fryer might not be the first cooking gadget you'll think to invest in. However, if you want to indulge in delicious fried food without the guilt afterward, it can truly be the gift that keeps on giving.

Instead of using tons of oil, which has been linked to an elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol, and air fryer uses warm air to deliver the same crispy results. (In fact, research suggests an air fryer uses 85 percent less oil than traditional deep-fried food.) As most nutritionists say, moderation is key. However, if you love fried food, an air fryer offers a healthier alternative to satisfy your craving.

As if you needed any more convincing that an air fryer is a worthwhile addition to your kitchen cabinets, Amazon is shaving $20 off Cosori's Air Fryer Max XL. With over 19,000 rave reviews on Amazon, a 4.6/5 rating on the site, and an esteemed "Amazon's Choice" badge, this option is a clear favorite. Cosori's air fryer is currently on sale for just under $100, so it's bound to pay for itself in no time. 

Affordable, healthy, and designed to yield delicious results? This deal sounds like a no-brainer.

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