This packet stuffing cheat makes your Sunday roast taste like a pro's cooked it

Yes, you could just pop a packet of stuffing in your trolley, but dishing up your own stuffing is far tastier and it’s easy with our hack

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Stuffing is super easy to make and the classic recipe is low on ingredients (no long shopping lists nor obscure things to search for) but high on flavour.

The classic combination of onion, sage and breadcrumbs, plus a little vegetable oil, and egg to bind, means you’ll likely have most of what you need between the store cupboard and fridge. You could, of course, make breadcrumbs from the leftovers of a loaf, so you can polish your halo as you’ll be cutting down on food wastage.

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Stuffing the easy way: our top hack

The only ingredient you’ll probably have to go out for (or get the nice delivery person to bring to the door with the rest of the week’s order)? Fresh sage. 

Add a few snips of it to a shop bought dry mix before adding the water and it will taste home made (we're not telling if you don't).

Or, if you’re going to the (very little) trouble of making stuffing from scratch at home rather than opting for a packet mix, this is an element that contributes to making your stuffing superior.

Our other tips for tasty homemade stuffing? Just soften the onion in a frying pan first, but don’t colour it, and make sure you season the onion, sage and breadcrumb combination well. And when it comes to binding the mixture, only add the amount of beaten egg you need to do the job.