This Allswell Labor Day discount code will get you 15 percent off mattresses

... and 20 percent off Allswell bedding

This Allswell discount code will get you 20 percent off bedding and mattresses for Labor Day
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We're all over the best Labor Day sales 2020, and this one from Allswell is a total winner. Right now, using discount code PERFECTROOM, you can save 15 percent on Luxe and Supreme mattress purchases. Even better, because who wants to put old bedding on a brand new mattress, it'll also get you a massive 20 percent off bedding, bath, and spa. Think towels, pillows, bedding, and even adorable boho cushions with lumbar support. 

The deal runs from August 20th through September 8th, which gives you the perfect chance to have a brand new mattress (with all the trimmings) by Labor Day. If you want to shop around, check out our guide to the best mattresses 2020

Allswell mattresses: What's in the box?

(Image credit: Allswell)

Allswell Luxe and Supreme Mattresses | Take 15 percent off with code PERFECTROOM
Allswell offers some amazing mattress technology for under $1000, and now you can save even more with discount code PERFECTROOM at Deal ends 09/08

Allswell's Luxe mattress is its mid-tier mattress offering. It has a hybrid foam and coil construction and edge support on all four sides. At 12 inches tall, it has the benefits of copper and a cooling gel swirl to keep your sleeping temperature low, and even before the 15 percent discount, it's a super affordable mattress option. 

The coils are individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer, and this is topped by a layer of high density foam and copper infused memory foam which is great for killing microbes and bacteria, to keep your mattress fresh.  

The Allswell Supreme mattress is, you guessed it, its premium mattress. Although it's not as expensive as many high-end mattresses, it's still packed with loads of great features. We're talking Energex foam for temperature control, a cooling graphite and copper gel layer absorbs and transfers heat away from the body, and Edge Support with Reinforced Quantum Edge on all four sides. 

Asllwell bedding, bath and spa: What's on offer? 

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Allswell Bedding, Bath and Spa| Take 20 percent off with code PERFECTROOM
Allswell has some stunning bedding on sale right now, as well as towels and even slippers. Save 20 percent with discount code PERFECTROOM at Deal ends 09/08

While you're at it, check out the potential savings on bedding, bath and spa in the Allswell Labor Day sale. With 20 percent off it would be silly not to, right? 

So, what's on offer? Well, there's a really great selection of pillows to complete any bedroom setup. If you love boho, block prints, or neutral geometrics, you should definitely give the Allswell bedding some serious consideration. Some of the decorative pillows even have lumbar support, as does the regular Allswell pillow range

You can also save up to 20 percent on bed basics like sheet sets and coverlets, which can really complete a look and tie your whole room together. These sheets come in cool, calming neutral tones such as indigo, rose, and ice blue. 

When it comes to bath and spa, there's a whole range of stonewashed waffle and 100 percent cotton towels to choose from. You can also find bathrobes and slippers, because who doesn't want their bathrobe to match their bedding? 

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