These plastic free dishwasher tablets are on sale – go eco-friendly and save ££s

Go plastic free and save money by switching to the Ecozone dishwasher tabs

Go plastic free - with dishwasher tablets that are eco-friendly
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When it comes to going plastic free, some things are (much) easier than others. Buying a bar of soap instead of a plastic bottle of hand soap, for example, takes no effort whatsoever. But don't even get us started on dishwasher tablets. It's a minefield out there: if you want gentler ingredients that are fully biodegradable (which can't be said of most commercial dishwasher tablet brands), then you're often faced with the huge disappointment of opening the box only to discover that each tablet is wrapped in plastic. 

Ecozone Brilliance All In One Dishwasher Tablets | Was £12.99, now £8.70 at Big Green Smile

The wrappers on the Ecozone dishwasher tablets are water soluble and not made from plastic, while the powerful cleaning action is achieved without the use of phosphates. Why are phosphates in cleaning detergents a problem, you'll ask? Large amounts of phosphate being washed out into waterways causes excessive algae growth, which can be a health hazard for wildlife and humans. 

And – you're getting 65 dishwasher tablets per pack, which is great value for money. If you stock up on other things – Big Green Smile sell everything from green cleaning to beauty – delivery is free over £55.View Deal

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