The best living room rug ideas for any space

These living room rug ideas are a great way to tie your aesthetic together underfoot.

living room rug ideas
A rug from Justina Blakeney's collection
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Rugs are the oft-neglected heavy lifters in our home. Especially in the living room, a good rug can enliven your space with color, texture, and an overall feeling of warmth and coziness. And unlike paint, wallpaper, or hanging artwork, they require zero permanent changes or holes in the wall (renters, rejoice). 

Want to take your living room design to the next level? Look no further than these five rug ideas.

 Make “rooms” in an open floor plan 

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The open floor plan is a huge trend in architecture today. But without walls, the kitchen can ramble seamlessly into the living room, dining area, and entryway beyond without visual separation. Enter rugs. 

For your living room, choose a large rectangular rug in a plushy finish that feels cozy for gathering by the TV. Then, add a low-pile rug under your dining table with a more formal aesthetic. Keep the kitchen bare or opt for an easy-to-clean sisal. 

Or, make like The Jungalow and choose bold, contrasting (but complementary) patterns to create visual separation. Whether you have a studio apartment or an open floor plan, rugs can keep your space feeling open and airy while designating separate areas. 

Create a boho vibe

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Rugs with nomadic patterns and varying textures instantly give a room a boho-chic feel. You can play with colors or opt for a tone-on-tone palette like this Safavieh model. Think fringe trim, multiple pile heights, and abstract patterns.

Then, finish your living space with plenty of plants, natural light, and lots of textural throw pillows and blankets. Keep furniture limited to natural elements like wood and leather to complete the earthy aesthetic. 

 Layer your rugs 

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Layering rugs instantly gives a room a professionally designed feel. Be bold and mix patterns or open up your options with a versatile base. For example, a large sisal or neutral woven rug is the perfect match for basically anything. This way, you can swap your smaller rug whenever you want to give the room an upgrade—or even for the seasons!

Rugs are priced by size, so it’s easier to vary a smaller throw than a larger living room rug. Align them in the same direction like Surya, or put your smaller rug on an angle for a shabby-chic vibe. And don’t hesitate to play with shapes! An abstract cut like a hide rug is the perfect topper for any base. 

 Add a pop of color 

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If you have a neutral living room, rugs are a great way to infuse your space with color without a big commitment. White walls have a way of creating a chic gallery feel in your home, but you don’t want it to feel stark and cold. Go for a bright area rug, and select artwork that features complementary tones. 

We love how Merida designed this living room with a colorful rug and contrasting armchair. By keeping the rest of the space neutral, the design is bright and pleasing without looking haphazard. 

 Go soft 

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We spend a lot of time in our living rooms (hence the name). Treat your feet with an utterly soft, plushy rug underfoot. Pair with a velvety sofa and furry throw pillows for a warm, layered feel in a neutral color palette. 

These soft, shimmery textures feel as luxurious as they look, and your home will feel cozy and welcoming in every season.

 Vintage is always a good idea 

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Vintage woven rugs look great in both modern and antique designs. A mix of new and old gives your living room personality that doesn’t feel ordered straight out a catalog. A neutral striped Kilim rug will work with any aesthetic, or opt for a tribal pattern for a boho vibe. Persian rugs have a way of elevating traditional decor, or distressed styles are great in antique homes. 

There are plenty of places to buy vintage rugs online, so browse for something that speaks to you. Your perfect vintage rug will complete your room’s design while injecting a traveled, personal touch.  

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