Purple mattress just launched their Black Friday deals early - and they’re GOOD

Here’s your chance to score up to $400 off Purple mattresses, pillows, mattress protectors, and more

Purple mattress
(Image credit: Purple)

Here’s a pretty wild fact for you: we spend a minimum of 30 percent of our life laying in bed… that’s nearly a third of our time on earth—and if that doesn’t make you want to upgrade your mattress game, well, we’re not sure what will.

The Purple Mattress isn’t just any old mattress upgrade either—it was made for providing a luxurious night’s sleep all around. From the breathable, eco-friendly materials to the science-backed spinal support, this award-winning modern mattress brand was built to make that 30 percent of your life as comfy and result as possible.

Whether you’ve been struggling to get a good night’s sleep or you’re just hoping to finally take advantage of a good sale to upgrade your decades-old mattress, this killer Black Friday sale from Purple should peak your interest.

The Purple Grid technology is second to none thanks to its intelligent flex that gently cradles your pressure points (especially your shoulders and hips) for a unique, zero gravity-like feel that will whisk you away to dreamland and have you waking up feeling rested and cozy—not tired and stiff.

Here, we’ve laid out some of the best options currently on offer from Purple. Whether it’s a brand new master bed mattress you’re looking for—or something to spruce up your guest bedroom before the holidays, these high tech mattress deals promise more comfortable, well-rested nights ahead.

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The Purple Mattress | Was $1149, now $1049

Looking for a mattress that’s equally economical and ergonomic? Look no further than the classic Purple mattress. The most budget-friendly of the Purple family, this expertly crafted mattress is currently on sale for $100 off (all sizes), and features everything you’d expect from the modern mattress brand—including the weightless support that comes with the patented Purple Grid technology.View Deal

The Purple Harmony Pillow Set of 2 | Was $318, now $286

All set for mattresses in your household? That doesn’t mean you have to skip the Purple Black Friday sale. The Purple Harmony Pillow set is currently on offer for 10 percent off—and promises to revolutionize the way you rest your head thanks to the responsive No Pressure Support that instantly adapts to your head and neck, allowing for proper ergonomic support no matter if you’re a side or a back sleeper.View Deal

The Purple Essential Kids Bundle | Was $267, now $226

The Purple Essential Kids Bundle may not seem like the most exciting gift to the littles in your life, but the small sleepers in your life will one day thank you for this next-level sleep support. Featuring a kid-sized pillow, sheet set, and subtle mattress protector, this mini-sized sleep bundle may just make their bed somewhere they actually want to be.View Deal

Purple Hybrid Premier | Was $2299, now $2099

Ready to invest in a top shelf sleep set up? Look to the Purple Hybrid Premier. This luxurious mattress was made for Princess and the Pea-level sensitive sleepers. After 30 years of research and trials, this high end mattress adapts to your body while staying cool all night long and providing support, plush comfort, and an overall better night’s sleep.View Deal