It's official: Zoflora can kill Coronavirus – Mrs Hinch fans rejoice!

Coronavirus be gone thanks to Zoflora – buy some of this lovely smelling disinfectant now for peace of mind!

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You heard it here first: Zoflora, Mrs Hinch's favourite disinfectant, can kill Coronavirus. This disinfectant has been laboratory tested and has proven to kill SARS-CoV-2, the strain of coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 illness. Yes, this means you can use it to clean everything from your door handles to surfaces, packages, food shopping and even to wash your fabric face masks! Good job we've already got five bottles of the stuff in the back of our cleaning cupboard, then. We expect the shelves to be empty of Zoflora by tomorrow. Honestly, the list of Zoflora uses is endless – you can use this stuff everywhere from your car to your bathroom and the kid's room.

This disinfectant has been kicking around since 1922, with its recent popularity spike coming from the queen of clean, Mrs Hinch. This Instagrammer has been using Zoflora to clean her home for years, and now we can understand why. Though we should add that Zoflora will only kill COVID-19 when used at a 1:40 dilution, and it needs to be left for five minutes of contact time. Spray, pop your feet up for five minutes and come back and wipe away those germs. The best part? It'll leave a nice smell afterwards. And, it's safe to use around pets and children.

What are you waiting for? Should you not own a bottle of this stuff, now's the best time to buy. See where it's sold online below. First, you'll find a quote from Zoflora below...

'Given the efficacy of Zoflora against other coronaviruses, we were quite certain that Zoflora would have virucidal activity against the COVID-19 virus. On receipt of the official data, we can confirm that Zoflora does kill the SARS-CoV-2 strain of the virus that has significantly impacted the world we live in today,' says Dr Nigel Cooper, Director of Development at Thornton & Ross, parent company of Zoflora.

'As recommended by worldwide health organisations, the best way to protect against coronavirus is through regular hand washing, social distancing, and disinfection. Using a proven disinfectant such as Zoflora on regularly touched surfaces at home, in places of education and in the workplace, is one way to help protect yourself and those you care about.' 

Here's where to buy some of this great stuff...

How to use Zoflora to prevent the spread of COVID-19

There are tonnes of ways to use Zoflora to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but it's important not to go overboard. When using any cleaning products, you should have windows open. And, you want to ensure you are correctly diluting it in order for it to work. 

Use Zoflora in your living room and dining room
Clean your remotes, spray your sofa and upholstery (curtains, too) and wipe your surfaces with this stuff to give your living room a refresh. You'll also want to lightly spray cushions and blankets (or, you can pop them in the washing machine with a capful of Zoflora) and don't forget your remote controls. These things harbour bacteria. As do things like light switches (lamp ones, too), buttons and door handles. If you have a living room rug, you can spray that with Zoflora, too. That and you'll want to clean your dining chairs, placemats and table with this stuff. 

Use Zoflora in your bedroom
This disinfectant can also be used to clean surfaces and more in your bedroom. Wipe down your dressing table, chest of drawers and bedside tables with the stuff as well as door handles and light switches. You can also clean your bedding with Zoflora if you'd like to, while if you have hard flooring in your bedroom you can mop your floors with it. Use it to wipe down an alarm clock that you often touch, as well as any smart devices, tablets remotes and even your wardrobe doors. Anything that's regularly touched.

Use Zoflora to clean your kitchen
As well as using Zoflora to clean your surfaces, you'll also want to spray some on things you often touch in your kitchen. The handle of your kettle, microwave buttons, dishwasher and washing machine dial and more. That and your fridge door, cupboard handles, and especially your bin(s).

Use Zoflora to clean your bathroom
As well as cleaning your toilet, sink and bath (or shower), you should spray Zoflora on your taps, toilet flusher press and door handles. That and it's a smart idea to clean your shower head with Zoflora and it wouldn't hurt spraying your bath mat and shower curtain with some.

Use Zoflora to clean the kid's room
Yes, you can use Zoflora around children. As long as they don't start licking their wet toys. Fill up the sink, pop in a capful of Zoflora and dunk their plastic toys in it. Great for Lego! Wipe down their surfaces with this stuff and give their upholstery a spray too. That and their high chair, pram and car seat can be lightly sprayed as well. 

Use Zoflora to clean your home office (space)
Whether you have a dedicated home office now or space in your living room that you like to call your makeshift home office, if this is where you spend the majority of your time Monday to Friday, it'll need a good clean. Lightly spray Zoflora onto a cloth and wipe down your computer screen, keyboard and mouse. That and you may want to clean pens, plastic notepad covers and wipe down your desk, of course. 

Use Zoflora to clean your car (interior)
After doing your food shopping, you may sometimes forget to sanitize your hands before you touch your car door handle, mirrors, keys or steering wheel. Get outside and spray some Zoflora in your car and shut the doors and walk away.

Use Zoflora to clean your garden furniture
Been having friends over for socially distanced drinks? It's a smart idea to disinfect your garden furniture, then. Spray some Zoflora on your chairs, tables and even blankets and cushions for peace of mind. That and you can use it on gate handles, too. Smelly drain? Pop a capful down there.

'We can confirm that Zoflora has been laboratory tested and proven to kill coronaviruses, including the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2), and conforms to the latest British standard BS EN14476:2013+A2:2019 when used at 1:40 dilution with a five minute contact time, which relates to the virucidal activity of chemical disinfectants.'

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*Important note:

Use disinfectants safely. Always read the instructions before use. Zoflora can be kept for up to two weeks once diluted, whilst still maintaining its germ-killing power, both at 1:20 and 1:40 dilutions. When correctly diluted, Zoflora disinfectant may be used where most pets are kept. Do not allow pets to lick or walk on wet treated surfaces. Keep off until dry. Not suitable for use in fish tanks or vivaria.

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