Aldi's wooden toys: eco-friendly, expensive-looking... and from just £6.99

Yep, Aldi sells wooden toys! They're FSC-certified and way better for the environment than anything made from plastic – here are our favourites

Aldi wooden toys: ice cream stand being played with by two children
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Aldi's new range of wooden toys has got us asking ourselves if there is anything that Aldi doesn't sell. So far, we're coming up with nothing... Ooooh! Camels. They don't sell them. Yet.

If you've recently taken your first steps to become more eco-friendly – maybe you've purchased a bamboo toothbrush, bought a shampoo bar or you're saying no to plastic-wrapped fruit and veg – Aldi can certainly help you along the way. Particularly in the toy department, thanks to the new range of gorgeous Aldi wooden toys.

Aldi's new(ish) delve into eco-friendly products sees the supermarket launch an entire collection of wooden toys, all of which are FSC-certified and suitable for children aged 12 months and above. This means that it's now possible to do your toy shopping at the same time as your food shopping, safe in the knowledge that you're minimising your impact on the planet.

What's on offer? Keep scrolling for the full collection, which includes everything from a mini kitchen to a dolls house, a baby walker and much more. Oh, to be a child again... Find inspiration for your child's room in our gallery of 27 clever kids' room ideas. Not sure where you're going to put all of these new wooden toys? We've got plenty of toy storage ideas

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Little Town Wooden Baby Walker

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Little Town Wooden Baby Walker | £24.99 £14.99