8 of the best wall art prints to put a smile on your face – starting from £16 on Fy

It is good vibes only, for sure, with this collection of wall art from Fy. From happy colours to positive messages and inspiring scenes, they bring the little mood boost we all need at this time of year

house plants on steps wall art print from Fy
(Image credit: Fy)

You can't change the weather and you can't change the fact it is a long way until summer, but you can change your interiors whenever you like. One of the easiest ways to mix up your décor? Wall art of course.

That is why we have rounded up this lovely little collection from wall art and home accessory experts Fy, to bring you some mood-boosting loveliness to cover your walls with. If you rent, they are the perfect way to brighten your home without losing your desposit. Or, if you have the freedom to gallery wall every room of your house, make a lovely affirmation space in the process. 

Looking for a gift for someone with the January blues? These are perfect for that too. 

From positive messages to cheery graphic designs, Fy has the lot. These are our favourites. Printed with sunlight-resistant inks and available framed or unframed in a number of sizes, the collection starts from just £16 so they are super affordable. And just incase you can't help yourself and buy the lot, read these top tips on hanging a gallery wall.

1. Start the day right with this Morning Routine print

Morning routine wall art print from Fy

(Image credit: Fy)

This minimalist print will not only bring a perky pop of colour to your wall, but might even motivate you to do a quick morning yoga routine. No? Well it looks pretty and would make a fine addition to any gallery wall, either way.

Buy 'Morning routine' from £21 on Fy

2. Bright colours and cheery botanicals

plants on the steps in colour print from Fy

(Image credit: Fy)

We don't know about you, but houseplants make us happy. What doesn't make us happy though is when we keep killing them. So if nobody in you home has green fingers, bring some botanicals inside with this bright print.

Buy 'Mream' from £19 on Fy

3. Dream of a summer getaway

Italian holiday print from Fy

(Image credit: Fy)

If you're next holiday seems all too far away, you can always pretend by surrounding yourself with pictures of places you have been or want to visit. This print depicts an Italian resort in the height of summer – blue waters, sunbathers and oo is that an Aperol Spritz we spy? Take us there now.

Buy 'Italian Summer' from £21 on Fy

4. One of your five a day

peach wall art from Fy

(Image credit: Fy)

If fruit with a face doesn't make you feel happy then who are you? You definitely didn't watch enough kids TV – that's for sure... This peach print pairs warm colours with a cheery, illustration and your gallery wall is screaming out for it.

Buy 'Peach' from £19 on Fy

5. Feelin' good? Feelin' cheeky...

Feelin good print from Fy

(Image credit: Fy)

This print by Aley Hanson is sure to put you in a good mood. Bright colours? Check. Positive quote? Check. Bit of nudity? Check. It is quirky, it is fun and we want it somewhere in our eyeline in the hall so that we leave the house everyday with a cheeky grin.

Buy 'Feelin' Good' from £23 on Fy

6. Show them what you're made of

You are made of magic wall art print from Fy

(Image credit: Fy)

More sunshine and lollipop colours over here, and this print also comes as a cushion and phone case. That's right – you can spread magic everywhere with this bundle. We think it would make a great addition to a white room which a collection of prints in a similar pallete.

Buy 'You Are Made of Magic' from £19 on Fy

7. Inhale, exhale. Breeeeaaathe

Inhale exhale wall art from Fy

(Image credit: Fy)

Always getting so wound up you have to tell yourself to breathe? The simple mantra on these prints is essential for staying calm and... well, alive... but sometimes this is the reminder we all need to just slow down and regroup our thoughts. Buy individually or get each one to hang as a pair (otherwise you will just keep only inhaling or exhaling and that is called hyperventilating). 

Buy 'Inhale' from £16 on Fy

Buy 'Exhale' from £16 on Fy

8. My only sunshine

You are my sunshine print

(Image credit: Fy)

Just try not to sing the well known song on this print every time you see it. We bet you can't. Whether you need to sing this ditty to yourself, or want to give it to someone special, the vibrant colours will always bring cheer.

Buy 'You Are My Sunshine' from £16 on Fy

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