5 ways to bring greenery into your home –even if you don't have a garden

No garden? No problem, these are some really quick ways to make plants (fake or not) a feature in your home...

bathroom by primark
(Image credit: Primark)

Got garden envy from all the gorgeous outdoor spaces everyone on Instagram seems to be flaunting? Yep us too. Not all of us have acres of outdoor space to cultivate you know! But that's not to say you can't bring greenery inside your home and create lovely displays indoors. Even if you aren't green fingered you can still add a ton of greenery to your home (what do you think fake plants were made for?). 

We have rounded up five really easy ideas to copy so you can stop drooling over other people's gardens and instead see how you can create 'green' spaces in your own home. Keeping scrolling to get inspired and for more house plant display ideas check out our gallery. 

1. Choose different sized house plants to add texture 

living room with checked sofa and abundant plant life

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Plants are a great way to instantly add interest to any room, we particularly love the look of them in living rooms. The key to getting the look right is to choose plants in different sizes and different textures and having them at different heights around your room. See in this living room there are larger plants on the floor, some small plants on side tables and even plants hung from the ceiling too so wherever the eye goes there's greenery.

Obviously, if you are a good plant parent you can go for the real thing, but for great fake plants check out Ikea

For more living room ideas, make sure you check out our gallery. 

2. Always add plants to open shelving 

Kitchen shelf with hanging house plants and vintage print

(Image credit: Katie Lee)

If you have any open shelving in your home, get some plants on them! They look lovely mixed in with books, crockery and prints. Again, go for a mix of colours and textures, pick some plants that will grow over the shelves and hang nicely and some that have a bit of height too. For more shelving ideas, we have a whole gallery full of inspiration. 

3. Opt for silk flowers for a softer look 

Fleur de le Coeur silk flowers

(Image credit: Fleur de le Coeur)

We have seen a huge trend for silk flowers recently. Probably got something to do with fact we all love having bunches of beautiful blooms in our home but they don't last all that long. Silk flowers look insanely real – they have had such a glow up in recent years you would really struggle to tell the difference between them and real flowers. Pop them around your home and never have to worry about them wilting or looking anything but their absolute best. 

Our fave place to get silk flowers is Fleur de le Coeur , their bouquets are so thoughtfully put together and the colour combinations are just so dreamy. Check them out on Etsy too. 

4. Add a herb garden to your kitchen 

Butlers sink with gold taps, herbs and roses in window and vintage mugs

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

No matter what size your kitchen, you can always squeeze in a herb garden. There are so many creative ways to do it too – we have seen herbs in old jars, hanging in wall storage units, grown in plastic boxes. Our favourite look, however, is just in nice simple pots, most herbs are such pretty plants they don't need much to become a feature in your kitchen. 

Check out our guide to herb gardening if you want more tips. 

5. Create a jungle-like feel in your bathroom 

bathroom with tropical shower curtain

(Image credit: Primark)

There are a lot of house plants that love life in a bathroom – it's usually warmer and more humid than other rooms and if you have a window you will find this is where your plants will thrive most. If you don't have a window fear not, fake house plants to the rescue again. We love the look in this bathroom of the mix of pots and baskets, perfect for adding a slightly rustic, boho feel. 

Check out our bathroom ideas gallery for more looks to copy. 

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