5 floral wallpaper ideas – to bring pattern into your home

Floral wallpaper is back and it's shed its granny-ish skin and become a really stylish feature to add to your home

Floral wallpaper ideas
(Image credit: Warner House )

Floral wallpaper has had a muddle past, it's been through many a phase, some good (lovely tradition prints from William Morris) and some truly horrendous (your grandmas bathroom in the 80's). But it's back again and there's not a garish pattern in sight, so we thought we share our favourite designs to get you inspired to add some floral patterns to your home. 

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1. Add some interest to a kitchen with floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Little Greene )

Kitchens are often neglected when it comes to wallpaper, but these days, the technology is so good that they can withstand more humid atmospheres. This grey and yellow floral design looks great in this pared back kitchen. It adds a new dimension to the space without taking it over visually, and the tones from the wallpaper can be seen in the accessories – and the taupe units and painted fireplace tie in perfectly. 

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2. Bring pattern into a hallway with a blossom print

Floral wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Lorna Syson)

Inspired by native flora and fauna, this pretty design incorporates the greenfinch on a backdrop of pale blue sky and apple blossom. The design is stylised which gives it a contemporary twist and the simple colours make it easy to accessorise. Team it with warm wood for a modern rustic feel. 

3. Create a classic feel with traditional floral print 

Floral wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Warner House )

This gorgeous design was sourced from an early 20th century printed linen document and features chinoiserie scenes of Chinese floral arrangements and urns. To create a cohesive look, copy the style in this beautiful living room – the wallpaper, blind and cushion (forefront) are all in the same design. The apple green sofa pulls the scheme together and the accessories look great too. The walls have been left white to allow the wallpaper to be the focal point. 

4. Pick a bold wallpaper for a small bathroom

Floral wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: The Curious Department)

This is a super bold print that has elements of the decorative Art Nouveau period teamed with perfect shades of blush and pink. As if it couldn’t be more fabulous – it has a subtle pearlescent sheen too! It looks great with black and brass fixtures and fittings, but would also work with plain pinks, coral and crisp white.

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5. Inject some subtle soft pattern into your bedroom 

Floral wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Wallpaper Direct)

Bold and bright isn’t everyone's thing - and that’s fine, in fact, a more subdued colourway can be equally as striking. This classic Morris wallpaper has a beautiful floral design that has a metallic finish which catches the light. It looks elegant and refined in this vintage style bedroom with its ornate furniture and accessories. Chose pieces that are off white, blush and the palest green to match the colours in the wallpaper. 

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