Lamb recipes: 12 ways to enjoy lamb – roast, curry and more

Let our lamb recipes serve as inspiration if you're looking for easy ways to enjoy this super succulent meat

lamb recipes: Mediterranean leg of lamb
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Our lamb recipes are just what you need if you need fresh inspiration for cooking, preparing and seasoning lamb. Enjoyed year around, lamb is particularly popular in the spring time and is a regular feature of Sunday roasts. But, that's not the only way it can be enjoyed.

Soft and succulent, lamb can be flavoured easily with spices and slow cooked for depth of flavour. Give some of our recipes a go if you're looking for new inspiration for this versatile meat. Then, head over to our food hub for more recipe ideas and inspiration.

Lamb recipes

These are our favourite ways to cook with lamb. We've covered everything from traditional roast lamb to lamb curry, lamb burgers and slow cooker lamb. There are also lamb wraps and lamb tagine that can be prepped using leftover lamb, or freshly cooked meat. 

Roast lamb

How to cook a leg of lamb

Want to know how to cook a leg of lamb for this Sunday's roast? Tender and packed with flavour, roast lamb is a top choice for a special meal shared with family and friends. 

Our recipe is simple, but sure to bring out the delicious taste of this meat. Bear in mind that to make roast lamb you need the leg; other cuts are better suited to grilling or cooking in your slow cooker.

Roast spring lamb with a zesty lemon, honey and white wine marinade
This gorgeous spring roast lamb recipe promises maximum flavour and loveliness. Tender and succulent, it's basted in a zesty honey and wine marinade – the perfect twist on a family favourite at Easter. Served with roast potatoes and asparagus, if you can get them, it's an easy recipe (we'd love to take credit for it, but it's courtesy of Aldi). 

Roast lamb: this recipe with pancetta is the perfect Sunday lunch

Wrapped in tasty pancetta, this leg of lamb recipe is super easy to prep and delivers seriously succulent results. Plus, who doesn't like the sounds of a slightly crispy exterior. 

Lamb chops

Easily the nicest cut, lamb chops make for a succulent – and flavoursome – meat main. There are all sorts of things you can add to lamb if you're oven roasting it, but we prefer to enjoy the lamb flavour without too many additions, and to grill or pan fry as it cooks so quickly.

Lamb shanks

If you are looking for a hearty, filling dinner idea, then you need to know how to cook lamb shanks. When cooked well, you get deliciously tender meat that just falls right off the bone. 

Juicy, flavoursome and an easy starting point for lots of indulgent dinners, nail this lamb shank recipe and you can start adapting the recipe to your own tastes.

Lamb gravy: how to make rich lamb gravy to complete your Sunday roast

Our lamb gravy will have you wondering why you relied on gravy granules for so long. Aside from being absolutely delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to a succulent piece of meat, it's also surprisingly easy to make and will be ready in around five minutes. Not quite as quick as Bisto, but not far off...

Lamb curry

Lamb Rogan Josh

This lamb Rogan Josh recipe will help you recreate this classic curry that is many people's favourite – it has the perfect balance of flavours and really showcases the beautiful texture of marinated lamb. Marinating the lamb before cooking is essential for achieving the tender lamb pieces that make this curry so tasty.

Leftover lamb curry

This leftover lamb curry recipe is a great way to enjoy what's left of your Sunday roast on Monday night. It has enough of a kick to satisfy curry lovers without being overly hot, and packs a real punch of complex flavours that go brilliantly with the rich taste of lamb.

Lamb burgers

Lamb burger

We think a lamb burger might be the unsung hero of the barbecue, and a great alternative to the classic beef burger. We think it's especially tasty when loaded up with plenty of salad, sauces and – if it were up to us – feta.

So, if you're on the hunt for something slightly different – or can't get your hands on your usual favourites – why not give lamb a go.

Tandoori lamb wraps

These Tandoori lamb wraps are simple to make, packed full of flavour and require a pretty limited list of ingredients – which is great news given the current climate.

We'll teach you how to flavour your meat. Then, you can load it up in a naan bread or tortilla wrap with a load of salad, yoghurt and mango chutney for a whole new take on leftover lamb.

Slow cooked lamb

Slow cooked Moroccan lamb

A slow cooker leg of lamb recipe with a Moroccan twist – this recipe really honours the rich taste of lamb without overpowering it, and the ingredients are very easy to find. 

Lamb has a very specific, delicious flavour if its own that doesn't require too much intervention. Often, a sprig of rosemary and a garlic clove will do to flavour it. However, there is something about the traditional North African spice blend ras el hanout that makes lamb really sing. 

This lamb recipe is therefore best served with a pomegranate couscous or tabbouleh, but there's no reason it can't also be served with mashed potato if you prefer.

Lamb tagine

Lamb tagine

Packed full of flavour, this lamb tagine uses only a handful of ingredients that you'll likely have kicking around in the cupboard, and can be knocked up using leftover lamb, or fresh meat for a delicious dinner with minimal effort.

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