Expert Animal Crossing: New Horizons home design tips

Real Homes’ Laura Crombie on making the most of your AC house

Animal Crossing: polka dot pattern
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You’ve paid off your entire Animal Crossing: New Horizons mortgage and filled your house storage with all kinds of weird and wonderful furniture and accessories. But, when it comes to the matter of actually kitting out your rooms, knowing how to make the most of the space can get overwhelming. Especially if you’ve looked at Reddit recently. But fret not. Step in Real Homes’ Laura Crombie to solve all of your home woes with this room-by-room guide packed with expert design tips. Whether you want to know how to make the most of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, Laura has the perfect solution for you, not to mention some good tips for designing IRL.

First off, Laura outlines exactly what you’ll need in each room to make sure that it can fulfil its true function. For example, those who have already brushed up on their kitchen know-how will be well up to speed on the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ theory. For the rest of us, this means positioning your sink, fridge and cooker for peak productivity in the kitchen. This is the perfect way to start a base for your Animal Crossing food prep zone too and Laura has plenty of tips for making the most of the rest of the space. Bedroom wise, you’ll want to add seating areas and matching accessories once you’ve got your storage solutions out of the way. And, when it comes to your perfect bathroom, Laura’s also got some great tips for how to make a true relaxation zone, not to mention how to hide those pesky toilet rolls. Check out the video for all the details.

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Laura Crombie
Laura Crombie

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