Animal Crossing: New Horizons Design Codes of the Week

Where to download the most inventive custom designs right now

Animal Crossing: tide pool
(Image credit: @C67400kohaku)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a spectacular, if unlikely, home design platform. The good news is that even if you aren’t a master of pixel art, you can still make the most of the creativity of the community by accessing the Custom Designs Portal in the Able Sister’s shop. Each week, we’ll be showcasing the very best designs you can download to make your island a true masterpiece. From indoor and outdoor flooring to specialist room design and furry friends, here are the Animal Crossing: New Horizons design codes of the week.

1. Balcony

Animal Crossing: balcony

(Image credit: animalcrossing_alex)

Inspired by a gated view from Lisbon, @animalcrossing_alex on Instagram has created this beautiful balcony design for a Simple Panel. To complete the look here you’ll want to find the Jail Bars DIY so keep checking your message bottles for that particular recipe. Alex’s other creations include gently scattered leaves for your paths, wood lattices also for Simple Panels, and blue pottery to match the Plain Sink design. Enter at your design slots’ peril. 

  • Creator Code: MA-7608-5675-5324

2. Stone tile path

Animal Crossing: stone tile path

(Image credit: @gengoo_)

The stone paths already available on the Island Design Tool are nice but if you’re looking for something a little slicker, this grey offering from @gengoo_ makes a beautiful addition to a street. As you can see, it looks seriously atmospheric in the rain too. And, if you’re also looking for some inventive Simple Panel ideas, the Creator Code below has a collection of elegant, floral, and Japanese windows to make things feel more city-like.  

  • Creator code: MA-7812-9701-2247

3. Road with pavement

Animal Crossing: road with pavement

(Image credit: @chin_retro)

Who needs paths when you can have roads traversing your island? This brilliant slice of asphalt from @chin_retro on Twitter has just the right level of wear on the white lines, and even a series of cracks just so you know it’s legit. Head into Residential Services and get ready to accessorise with manhole covers, electrical poles and lamp posts for that true street vibe. Remember too that you can customise your manhole covers with a series of designs to make things a little more personal.  

  • Creator Code: MA-4243-1178-0612

4. Flower tiles

Animal Crossing: flower tiles

(Image credit: @byloishannah)

Animal Crossing flowers don’t really do subtle. They’re quite happy to completely overrun your island after a mere day of rain, forcing you to carry around a garbage can just to keep things in check. Thankfully @byloishannah on Twitter has proven that flower tiling can be much more subtle. Available in grey, pink, orange, and teal for some occasional accents, this design makes a brilliant understated addition to any town square area with a floral theme.

  • Creator Code: MA-0725-9211-4451

5. Circle path

Animal Crossing: circle path

(Image credit: @ren04at)

Connected paths are so May 2020. This stone circle design from @ren04at on Twitter comes in two different colours and can be placed anywhere on your island where you want things to blend natural surroundings with minimalist tiling. Yes, in Animal Crossing speak, that means these designs are seriously Cottagecore. And there’s no shortage of other creations on the code below. Whether you’re looking for a fun raised log path or beautiful natural wood decking, it’s all here.

  • Creator Code: MA-1944-3607-0570

6. Tide pool

Animal Crossing: tide pool

(Image credit: @C67400kohaku)

Placing custom designs on rocks continues to be a wonderful revelation. And, instead of a seaside cafe or bar, @C67400kohaku on Twitter has created a beautiful bright tide pool design for all your paddling and starfish prodding needs. Whether you place it on the cliffs or even the beach, the multiple rock design variations in two different colours means you can make all kinds of unique shapes. Or you could just go for a lovely heart. The choice, shell be up to you.

  • Creator Code: MA-5698-5260-1603

7. Junimos

Animal Crossing: junimos

(Image credit: @adrasteamoon)

Stardew Valley fans rejoice. You don’t just have to hum the music to make you feel more at home in Animal Crossing. Now you can add your very own ever-helpful Junimos to your island thanks to @adrasteamoon on Twitter. Previous individual Junimos have been roaming across Reddit but with this design you don’t need to choose your favourite colour of forest spirit and can just bring them all at once. You’ll also find an adorable Stardew chicken Simple Panel design on the code.

  • Creator Code: MA-2753-2510-7052

8. Puddle frog

Animal Crossing: puddle frog

(Image credit: @witch_mote)

Puddles, Cousteau and co are adorable but if you don’t want to spend all your Nook Mile Tickets questing to find a frog villager, @witch_mote on Twitter has the next best thing. This adorable amphibian even comes complete with their own puddle so you won’t even have to worry about them drying up. And, if your island errs on the gothic side you absolutely won’t want to miss the other designs on the Creator Code below. Ribcages, ‘ketchup’ spatter, taxidermied bats, and a mausoleum simple panel design are all ready to spook up your AC surroundings.

  • Creator Code: MA-3661-3687-4767

9. Stained glass panels

Animal Crossing: stained glass panels

(Image credit: kori242)

Whether you’re looking for roses, constellations, Van Gogh’s starry skies or, errr, Roald, kori242 on Reddit definitely has the stained glass panel for you. Penguins or petals aside, once again you’re going to need a Simple Panel or six to make the most of these designs outside. If you don’t have one though, they’ll make perfect wall-art to brighten up your rooms. Unlike a lot of Simple Panel designs, you’ll actually want to find one with a black or brown frame for these to truly pop so good luck cataloguing.

  • Creator Code: MA-8004-8679-5741

10. Imperial floor

Animal Crossing: imperial floor

(Image credit: @StrayChowChow)

Some of the most pleasing Animal Crossing: New Horizons designs are ones created specifically to match existing items in the game. This Imperial floor from @StrayChowChow on Twitter - now on its second iteration - doesn’t just look good next to the Imperial fence though. It even has squares specifically dedicated to the columns to make it look like it has been a part of things all along. Maybe actually pop something in the middle before fencing it off though. Just saying…

  • Creator Code: MA-3574-6284-7291

11. Cosy winter window

Animal Crossing: cosy winter window

(Image credit: @veramila22)

Whether you’re still awaiting the chill of winter in the northern hemisphere or currently wrapped in knitwear in the south, there’s nothing like feeling truly cosy in your Animal Crossing house. This snowy curtained window from @veramila22 on Twitter comes in multiple colours and will deliver true hygge feelings to any room. Accessorise with the log furniture range, customise with plenty of natural wood and prepare for a serious desire to watch Christmas movies. 

  • Creator Code: MA-7618-6959-6718

12. Diagonal rug

Animal Crossing: diagonal rug

(Image credit: Russianblu6)

It’s true, a diagonal line in Animal Crossing should not be breaking your brain in the way that the image above probably is. This innovative design from Russianblu6 on Reddit is even more impressive for the fact that it only requires two of your precious design slots. Unlike the rest of your island, when you’re home you can actually turn tile designs on the floor so there’s no need to clog up those coveted spaces with specific angles. Gamechanger. 

  • Creator Code: MA-1198-6674-7793

13. Fortune teller stall

Animal Crossing: fortune teller stall

(Image credit: @KvltCrossing)

We know to expect an update soon, but if you just can't wait for that you could always try these fortune telling designs from @KvltCrossing on Twitter. Complete with tassels and probably an inescapable scent of cloying incense, this stall design is combo-ed up perfectly with the crystal ball and tarot cards of the Fortune-telling Set. Now all we need is Katrina to arrive and do the whole hard ‘reading the future’ bit. 

  • Creator Code: MA-8432-6616-7302

14. Fruit tiling

Animal Crossing: fruit tiling

(Image credit: @osatouboshi)

Who says Tangy has to have all the fun when it comes to a house of exclusively fruit-based furniture? Animal Crossing’s most adorable orange will be more green with envy if you choose to accessorise with @osatouboshi’s frankly edible-looking tiling. The Creator Code below has a juicy watermelon, delicious orange, and oddly-pleasing kiwi to choose from. Empty your orchard, get crafting with your favourite fruit, and you’ll have a healthy corner of your house in no time. Pearfect. 

  • Creator Code: MA-6425-0147-4275

15. Castle walls

Animal Crossing: Castle walls

(Image credit: @you00155670)

If even the more rustic house designs aren’t quite measuring up to your regal expectations, it’s time to take your island architecture to the next level with these castle windows from @you00155670 on Twitter. Thankfully there’s no need for planning permission from a certain tanooki either. Just buy as many Simple Panels as your in-game bank account will allow and get building your dream abode. Just don’t forget the Iron and Stone Fence and the odd customised Western Stone as the perfect accessories.    

  • Creator Code: MA-9278-7443-5692

16. Colourful tile path

Animal Crossing: colourful tile path

(Image credit: @puepuemura)

You’ll see a lot of mentions of @Denim2_mori’s The Path on this list and, like Animal Crossing’s very own Da Vinci, the inspired designs just aren’t stopping. This colourful tiled path from @puepuemura on Twitter is a beautiful example of running with the natural feel but still delivering a pleasing geometric sense of order. And, if it’s just a bit bright for your tastes, the Creator Code below also holds a charcoal and grey brick version for a less circus-like look. There are even versions with a cleaner line if you don’t like the worn look.

  • Creator Code: MA-5244-7640-7091

17. Glass bridge

Animal Crossing: Glass Bridges

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

For those of you who have hit that eight bridge limit already, you’ll know the pain of trying to create innovative river crossings that don’t look too obviously home made. This glass bridge from ghosthost999 on Reddit dodges the problem by making that lovely grassy border a feature as you toddle over glass tiles with a view of the water below. The Creator Code  has two versions of the design. One with glass glare and one without.  

  • Creator Code:   MA-7057-5695-0578

18. Sword display

Animal Crossing: Sword Display

(Image credit: @wd_mori)

It’s knight time. If you’ve been wondering how to show off all those gold and silver armour DIY projects then it’s time to build a shop worthy of patronage from Game of Thrones’ The Mountain. These sword designs from @wd_mori on Twitter come in two versions to make sure Knox and co. have plenty to choose from. Add crests a plenty to truly bring things to medieval life. What’s that slogan again? Joust do it..? 

19. Ice cream 

Animal Crossing: ice cream

(Image credit: @yow109)

Perfect for those sweltering days currently engulfing the Northern Hemisphere in the real world, this ice cream outdoor table design from @yow109 on Twitter is a delicious chilled option. There are even two sets of flavours to choose from on the Creator Code below. It’s also worth noting that this entire list could be made up of @yow109’s other work. Beautiful grilled food, x-rays, and even carnival shooting game designs are in there too. 

Creator Code: MA-6965-3041-0030

20. Fairy lights 

Animal Crossing: fairy lights

(Image credit: Reginald-B-Stan)

Celeste’s Starry Garland DIY project is wonderful but given that you can only hang it up inside, your Animal Crossing island is still seriously missing some bulbs-on-a-string action. Helpfully, these fairy light designs from Reginald-B-Stan on Reddit can help with that ache. They’ve taken the existing grey design pictured in the middle and added two new versions to make sure you’ve always got just the right colour and style for your outdoor patio. 

  • Creator Code: MA-0153-2056-2445 (White & brown)
  • Creator Code: MA-9989-1477-7146 (Grey)

21. Pizza stand 

Animal Crossing: pizza stand

(Image credit: sriracha_no_big_deal)

Pizza is the answer to so many questions. What do I want for dinner? How do I make myself feel better? How am I going to depict my love of food in Animal Crossing? This hat design, complete with one slice missing, from sriracha_no_big_deal on Reddit makes for a delicious addition to a pizza stall. Add a customised frying pan and Brick Oven in your favourite colour and you can almost smell the fresh margarita. 

  • Creator Code: MA-3439-5724-9296

22. Paws doormat

Animal Crossing: paw mat

(Image credit: Envay)

Think of all those times you’ve traipsed into your favourite villagers’ houses without even thinking about dragging half the island in on the soles of your shoes. Rain or shine, you never think of their poor floors when you rock up, gift-wrapped fossil in hand. Thankfully Envay on has the answer with this frankly adorable paw mat design. It even comes in two different colours to make sure to match any house. 

  • Creator Code: MA-3054-2581-4728

23. Log bridge

Animal Crossing: log bridge

(Image credit: @tori_trick)

Some Animal Crossing design perspective tricks are made exclusively for that one flawless Instagram shot. Then there are the ones so good that you’re actually pretty sure you have somehow missed the log bridge addition in the Island Design Tool. This incredible fallen tree from @tori_trick on Twitter actually just links two cliffs at the same level but the illusion is worthy of David Copperfield. You’ll have to spare three design slots but it’s worth it if you’ve kept an area au naturel and want to add a little more depth.      

  • Creator Code: MA-4353-0384-8584

24. Terrace tiles

Animal Crossing: terrace tiles

(Image credit: RaggedDoll)

This is not a drill. You can place fences and custom tiles on rocks. It’s like a stony world of possibility opening up all over again, isn’t it? Your poor IRL to-do list. RaggedDoll on Reddit has created a perfect place to start with this terrace tile design for a classy seaside cafe complete with wooden windbreak. You’re just going to have to find somewhere more inventive for that lighthouse and anchor statue from the fishing tourney.

  • Creator Code: MA-0008-7619-7504

25. Path flowers

Animal Crossing: path flowers

(Image credit: Future)

Amidst all the endless nods to @Denim2_Mori’s The Path, it’s easy to forget that the tiles and stones available in your Island Design Tool can be customised too. Transparent patterns like @kanda_em’s flower designs on Twitter mean you can add all kinds of accents and highlights to bring your existing paths to life. The Arched Tile Path looks particularly good with this design. Be warned, the Creator Code below is a veritable smorgasbord of design treats with a stylish wooden path, tassels for blankets, and a starry version of The Path.

  • Creator Code: MA-8511-9497-6748

26. Black stone path

Animal Crossing: black stone path

(Image credit: Future)

If your villager only ever wears black and has more Skull Radios than places to put them, we get it. We understand your desire for a more gothic Animal Crossing island which is where @sunshine_ghosts on Twitter comes in. This beautiful black stone path has a perfect natural border, features the odd rogue moon, and even some missing tiles complete with moss. The only problem you’re going to have now is choosing which skeleton designs you’re going to have to sacrifice to make room. Sorry, Mr Bones. It’s nothing personal…  

  • Creator code: MA-1917-6928-6988

27. Flowering Planters

Animal Crossing: Flower Planters

(Image credit: Future)

Real plants in Animal Crossing are lovely but sometimes Fan Palms and endlessly breeding hordes of Mums aren’t quite what you’re looking for. Another inventive custom cushion cover design, these flowering planters from @sandraplays on Twitter make for a perfect garden accessory. Not only will you find these petunias in both white and purple on the Creator Code below but also a beautiful pool design, decayed planks in multiple colours and a starry pavement. 

  • Creator Code: MA-1882-5103-8241

28. Fallout designs

Animal Crossing: Fallout designs

(Image credit: Future)

For those days your Animal Crossing island needs to feel that little bit more apocalyptic, these designs from TheChgz on Reddit bring Fallout’s wasteland chic to you. Having a Vault Boy sticker on your fridge might not officially boost your charisma but it is a perfect nod to the RPG series while you’re whiling away the hours catching bugs and fish. And yes, you can customise the lamp on the Retro Gas Pump. This Nuka Cola design makes for an ideal combination with all that rust.

  • Creator Code: MA-4351-8185-0928

29. Zodiac symbols

Animal Crossing: Zodiac symbols

(Image credit: Future)

Would it be too Capricorn of us to suggest decorating with every single one of these Zodiac designs from reverie_333 on Reddit? As you can see, all 12 fit perfectly around a fountain and can be layered on top of your existing tiles. You’ll also find a stack of transparent star designs on the Creator Code below to bring some extra sparkle to your island. Throw in some colourful star pieces and that’s the (Milky) way to make things truly shine.   

  • Creator Code: MA-3339-9802-1435

30. Rose Trellis

Animal Crossing: Rose trellis

(Image credit: Future)

It’s time for another inventive flower design. This gorgeous rose trellis from @berrybox on Twitter just needs a couple of Simple Panels to bring a new look to your existing rose garden. You could even bring them inside for some additional natural styling. You’ll find both purple and white and red and white designs on the Creator Code below, as well as some brilliant bookshelves and other innovative Simple Panel creations. Who needs actual furniture, eh?

  • Creator Code: MA-2986-1926-8832

31. Charming windows

Animal Crossing: Charming windows

(Image credit: Future)

So you’ve found the perfect wallpaper style. Everything about it is ideal… Colour… Pattern… The way it makes everything just sing. But, where are the windows? Yes, with the chance of only one window per room, sometimes things can feel slightly claustrophobic. Step in these designs from @ren04at on Twitter to shed some metaphorical light on the situation. Whether you choose just one of the adorable wooden frames, complete with windowsill accessories or both, your walls will absolutely thank you.

  • Creator Code: MA-1944-3607-0570

32. Glass panels

Animal Crossing: Bathroom tiles

(Image credit: Future)

Bathroom design in Animal Crossing is serious business. All of the different sink colours, toilet types, and even shower variations mean that there are endless ways to create your perfect wet room. Creator Rogue of CherryCity has helpfully designed these beautiful glass tiles for the ultimate shower unit. As ever, you’ll need a couple of Simple Panels for the design and place some fresh tiles on the floor for contrast. Plus, if you’re looking for more glasswork, you’ll find a slew with the Creator Code below. 

  • Creator Code: MA-1485-6917-1008

33. Beautiful pond

Animal Crossing pond

(Image credit: Future)

If your Animal Crossing island doesn’t feel enough like a Monet painting, we’ve got the design code for you. This nine part pond design from @mutsumori167cm on Twitter comes complete with swimming fish and perfect underwater foliage. There should be a word for the feeling when you realise you need to change your entire island for the sake of one design… Also prepare for the Creator Code to bankrupt your other design slots. There are colourful tiles, books, leaflets and even fringed blankets. Good luck. 

  • Creator Code: MA-1378-6487-0934

34. Sprinkles path

Animal Crossing: Sprinkles path

(Image credit: Future)

If the internet has taught us anything over the last month, it’s that everything can be cake. With this nine piece sprinkles design from @honey_dew_isle on Twitter your island can be included in that delicious category. This design is another modified ultra-sweet version of @Denim2_mori’s The Path, but for the days you want icing everywhere and not think about how sticky it would be underfoot, this is the Creator Code you need. Oh, and it even comes in purple and pink.  

  • Creator code: MA-3368-6648-9172

35. Mossy cobblestones

Animal Crossing: mossy cobblestones

(Image credit: Future)

New Horizons existing path designs are lovely but the one problem is that none of them look like they’ve been on your island for centuries. Betterland on Reddit has solved this particular historical problem with this winding mossy cobblestone design also inspired by The Path. Now you and your villagers can wander and truly think about who walked here in years gone by. Decorate with stone garden furniture to complete the ‘It’s been here forever, honest’ look.  

  • Creator Code: MA-5151-3267-6633

36. Outdoor pool

Animal Crossing: outdoor pool

(Image credit: Future)

There has been no shortage of inventive outdoor pool designs to make the most of those long summer evenings. And, while of course we could use terraforming to bring real water into the mix, using tiles means significantly cleaner lines. Madoodlem on Reddit has the complete solution here and, incredibly, only uses three of your design slots. This option even comes in three different colours to match your own pool to use as a jacuzzi. You’ll also find some bonus mowed grass on the Creator Code.  

  • Creator Code: MA-5316-0474-6316

37. Chicken coop

Animal Crossing: chicken coop

(Image credit: Future)

The gentle daily tasks of Animal Crossing can often feel a lot like you’re playing a farming game so why not take it to the next level with a chicken coop? This inventive set of designs from @daileyart on Twitter requires two stalls with wood patterns, a hay bed, and a Simple Panel. From there, all you need to do is customise the panel with the cosy looking chickens and decorate with the two delightful hat designs available on the Creator Code below. Eggcellent. 

  • Creator Code: MA-6050-8097-2249

38. Train tracks

Animal Crossing: train tracks

(Image credit: Future)

Don’t ask yourself why an island you can run across in near enough twenty seconds requires a train, it’ll ruin the moment. Instead just admire the peaceful scene and then immediately wonder how you are going to construct a steam train out of the leftover furniture in your storage. This lovely design comes from @fromwoodley on Twitter who was inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. And, if you’d forgotten you can decorate the sand, enjoy your next 150 hours.    

  • Creator Code: MA-0697-2517-9428

39. Cat art

Animal Crossing: cat art

(Image credit: Future)

If you’re feline like decorating your house with something to give your guests paws-e for thought, look no further than this set of framed prints from @Somsomik on Twitter. Don’t worry, we’ll ease off on the cat puns. Inspired by the wide-eyed work of Vanessa Stockard, these three paintings would make for a unique addition to a room of antiquities, or even a talking point in your ironwood kitchen. Just think how impressed your cat villagers will be.

  • Creator Code: MA-6651-8411-8581

40. Indoor stairs

Animal crossing: indoor stairs

(Image credit: Future)

Yes, we’ve got three floors, six rooms, and two flights of stairs after paying Tom Nook all those hard-earned Bells but sometimes we just want, well, more. This beautiful two-tiered room design from @yamaji_maya on Twitter might be exactly what you’re looking for with a raised wooden floor and even stairs to get there. Head to the Creator Code below and you’ll find the pictured brown but also pink, black, and white to match your decor.  

  • Creator Code: MA-8569-4772-9405

41. The path

the path Animal Crossing

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

If New Horizons isn’t your first Animal Crossing rodeo, you’ll probably remember how paths previously formed in the grassy towns of Wild World and New Leaf. Back in the old days, long before we had the Island Designer app, your Villager would have to run over the same patches of ground until a path gradually started to show. Well, @Denim2_mori on Twitter was clearly feeling nostalgic and has designed a natural pattern that brings old school Animal Crossing into 2020. There have been plenty of imitations, and you might wince at the 9 necessary slots, but, hey, do you really need all those other designs when you can have The Path? 

  • Creator Code: MA-6647-9230-4716

42. Picnic blanket

Animal crossing designs

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Ever wondered how you can join your villagers when they insist on sitting down on the ground when there’s a perfectly good chair right next to them? Well thanks to this picnic blanket design from Spadelilly on Reddit, you can now scatter a few cushions and just wait for Raymond and co to settle down with you in the sunshine. Let’s face it, they’re still going to sit on the grass just to spite you but at least you’ll look comfortable and have somewhere to relax while you wait for that perfect Instagrammable moment.

  • Creator code: MA-7101-3715-7751 (Blanket)
  • Creator code: MA-3548-8027-4702 (Fringe)

43. Zen sand

Animal crossing codes

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

So, you’ve planted your bamboo and carefully crafted all kinds of peaceful recipes. It’s time to follow @Pixebo on Twitter’s lead and create a beautiful zen garden to match with this inventive sand design. Unlike most other tiling options, this art is transparent so goes over your existing sandy spaces. Once you’ve laid out your perfect pattern, you can start positioning your Pond Stones and Bamboo Floor Lamps to create the ultimate peaceful retreat. And, if you like the look of those grey tiles, you’ll find them all with the Creator Code below.

  • Creator Code: MA-9246-0808-4302

44. Arcade art

Animal Crossing codes

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

How mushroom is left in your arcade? Terrible fungi puns aside, this inventive Nintendo art from Broadwing018 on Reddit works as a standalone art piece to go alongside your pinball and fighting games. Even better though is that it has actually been designed as a full repeating wallpaper or flooring option. And, if Mario’s iconic consumables aren’t for you but you’re still hungry for Nintendo designs, the below Creator Code also has a brilliant capsule-filled Dr. Mario option.

  • Creator Code: MA-6054-1939-3849

45. Top soil

Animal Crossing codes

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Sometimes a greenhouse just isn’t enough when it comes to creating a green-fingered paradise. If you’ve been working away on a fruit and vegetable farm on your island, you need some perfectly tilled soil for that true agricultural look. Thankfully @sfrnjm on Twitter is on the case with beautifully designed furrows for all your planting needs. Their Creator Code also has a greener option if you don’t fancy popping down real plants. Who needs Stardew Valley or Farming Simulator when it’s all still here on your Animal Crossing island?

  • Creator Code: MA-8877-8483-6699

46. Vinyl collection

Animal crossing codes

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

If you’ve got vinyl collecting on the brain, chances are that you’ve already accessorised your Animal Crossing home with some recreated album covers and at least one Record Box. Let’s face it though, while you can customise a couple of sides to match your decor, they do take up space and no one wants to choose between more vinyl and a new sofa. Thanks to Davidbsweeney12 on Imgur though, we can stop worrying. This brilliant wall art option means you can have a veritable record shop of options with zero clutter. IKEA would be proud.

  • Creator Code: MA-6993-6950-2036

47. Direction signs

Animal crossing codes

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Given that we can just fling open the gates of our island and let the world come pouring in - please don’t run on the flowers - the Animal Crossing community does a roaring trade in signage. If you’ve got a particularly good turnip price but aren’t always on hand to ferry people to and from Nook’s Cranny, you want something that can point people in the right direction. There are a lot of different options but these designs from ZephtheChef on Reddit are particularly neat as you can use your existing Paper Lanterns to let everyone know where to go.

  • Creator Code: MA-2501-7176-5593

48. Wooden stairs

Animal Crossing codes

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Stairs don’t come in half measures in New Horizons. They’re either helping you reach a new level of your island as an incline or they just don’t exist at all. Helpfully @MyIslandMATOME on Twitter has solved this particular problem with this inventive wooden stair design. There are three sections available at the Creator Code below to help you add some depth and variety to more vertically challenged areas of your island. And that’s not all you’ll find with this code. There is a wealth of stone stairs, cobbles, and path border designs to choose from.

  • Creator Code: MA-1450-3959-2582

49. Grey knitted pattern

Animal Crossing grey knitted pattern

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

It’s time to get cosy. This simple grey knitted pattern from Brusheswithdarkness on Reddit makes all of your customisable furniture that little bit more inviting when you don’t want to leave even your Animal Crossing house. To make your Log Bed this stylish, not to mention snuggly, customise the wood to white birch and accessorise with a Log Bench. When it comes to the rest of the room, keep an eye out for the white Rattan furniture set to keep everything looking bright and natural. 

  • Creator Code: MA-3979-5097-4563

50. Greenhouse

Animal Crossing greenhouse

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

You’d think we’d have had enough of plants on our islands, especially given how the grassy areas around flower beds look after a day of rain. And yet, the perfect greenhouse is within reach with these glass panels from @thethinleaf on Twitter. A simple outdoor greenhouse can be built by crafting two stalls and then just positioning them away from each other. All you’ll need next is a couple of simple panels for the back wall. Accessorise with whatever potted plants you have and you could even combo this up with the shelving designs below. 

  • Creator code: MA-1405-2733-5958

51. Bamboo decking

Animal Crossing bamboo decking

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Not only does Reddit creator Camikazee understand the need for a perfect beach bar, they also know that you don’t have many custom design slots going spare. That’s why this bamboo decking is so perfect, requiring only two precious design spaces and still managing to make a big splash on the beach. Combo it up with Bamboo Benches customised away from their traditional green for a perfect island retreat. Just a note, if you’re looking for the Rock-head Statue, you’ll need to wait for Redd to sail villainously into view.

  • Creator Code: MA-4720-9893-9687

52. Stained glass

Animal Crossing stained glass

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Bring some colour into your home and garden with these beautiful stained glass designs from @PrincessSweetsy on Twitter. There are only five pictured here but head to the creator code below for six different designs, including a black and white version apparently requested by all the monochrome lovers out there. As always, these will work best on the much-coveted Simple Panel but there’s always the option to hang them on your wall as a lone design or full multi-panel feature window.

  • Creator Code: MA-6303-9484-5134

53. Broken bricks

Animal Crossing broken bricks

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Sometimes the perfect tiles and bricks of the Island Designer app don’t quite cut it when you’re looking for something a little more rustic. Step in @Skeletontape on Twitter who has saved the day with a collection of mossy old brick patterns for the Animal Crossing houses that need to look a bit more Hill House than Beverley Hills. And these don’t just look good on grass. Layer them over existing stone or brickwork for an extra haunted effect. 

  • Creator Code: MA-1482-7518-4706

54. Wooden planks

Animal Crossing wooden planks

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

The wooden flooring on offer in the Island Designer app is nice but far too much like a dancefloor when you want more adventurous pathways to zip around on. These wooden planks from @kanda_em on Twitter feel like much more fun and even have leaves scattered across the wood for a more natural look. And the designs don’t stop there. Head here to see the collection of worn wooden planks, stone paths and adorable outfits all available on the Creator Code below.

  • Creator Code: MA-8511-9497-6748

55. Plant shelves

Animal Crossing plant shelves

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Whether you’re building a greenhouse or maybe just want to bring more botanical bits into your house without drowning the place in Monsteras, these adorable leafy shelves from @ahwakwrites on Twitter are a perfect green addition. Once again you’ll want to sell your soul for a Simple Panel in your catalogue to bring the effect to life and there are two variant designs on the Creator Code below. One even has a cluster of adorable succulents. 

  • Creator Code: MA-7553-4656-2211

56. French doors

Animal Crossing French doors

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

There are, quite frankly, a disturbing lack of doors in our Animal Crossing houses but Reddit creator Daileyart has fixed that. Grab another Simple Panel, customise with these glass panels and rid yourself of those cursed train tunnel-like portals between rooms. For this particular design you’ll ideally want the Simple Panel with the white outer but that all depends on your luck in Nook’s Cranny and probably the kindness of Animal Crossing strangers. Check out @daileyart on Twitter for even more of the brilliant designs on the Creator Code below. 

  • Creator Code: MA-6050-8097-2249

57. Outdoor Pool

Animal Crossing outdoor pool

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Reddit creator MidnightIsleACNH is definitely feeling summery with this beautiful pool design. While other players have used similar tiles inside their houses in combination with the Underwater Flooring for all year round bathing, this is a perfect excuse to make the most of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Combined perfectly with the lifeguard chairs purchasable with Nook Miles this is a set of blue Spanish tiles from creator Sku and plain white pool tiles from creator Lizard. 

  • Blue tile code: MO-Q20Q-Y97W-V8W8
  • White tile code: MO-M6WT-H67W-V7N9

58. Colourful Tiling

Animal Crossing colourful tiles

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Sometimes brick tiles just aren’t good enough. If you’re looking for some more colourful options to really brighten up your living areas or island streets, @Midio on Twitter has created a small but beautiful selection. Helpfully too, these are designed to take up only one of your precious slots instead of the greedy mass take-over of many more intricate patterns. As payment, Midio only asks that you show him how the design looks on your island which, let’s face it, isn’t exactly a hardship. To Instagram! 

  • Creator code: MA-8352-2661-4133

59. Recording Studio

Animal Crossing recording studio

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

This is one for all the musicians out there. Clearly not merely content with leaving instruments scattered across her island for her villagers to constantly ignore, Lil_gingerale on Reddit has designed a full recording studio complete with soundproofing for the walls. Now you don’t need to hang onto all those old egg boxes and sticky tape. As well as accessorising with K.K Slider’s greatest hits, Lil_gingerale has also customised Simple Panels with their optional wood pattern to act as a perfect divide between the two sections. 

  • Creator Code: MA-5592-6173-6018

60. Open Curtains

Animal Crossing open curtains

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

Simple Panels are, quite simply, an inventive Animal Crossing designer’s dream. Birne_Helene on Reddit has crafted the ultimate monochrome living room set up, complete with sliding doors, long curtains and a tantalising peek out at the starry island sky. Worth noting here is that you’ll need to find the right colour of Simple Panels for your design. They’re available in eight different colour options including grey, black, white, and brown which affects the colour of the outer edge. Like all other furniture items you’ll find them in Nook’s Cranny, hiding in balloons and trees, and as gifts from villagers.

  • Creator Code: MA-7618-6959-6718

61. Chiso Kimonos 

Animal Crossing Chiso kimonos

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

If you’re going to accessorise your home with a kimono or two, then they may as well be from a Japanese company specialising in their design since 1555. The world-renowned Kyoto based Chiso has crafted official Animal Crossing versions of two of the company’s 2020 collection, and two exclusive New Horizons-only kimonos. Whether you want to just decorate your rooms with them or bring a touch of Japanese class to your everyday wear, you can download all of the designs from the Creator Code below. 

  • Creator Code: MA-3850-3955-5752

62. Indoor Water Flooring 

Animal Crossing indoor water flooring

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

And you thought you were being fancy with Saharah’s flooring options. Reddit’s dianacquin takes 3D illusions to the next step with this impressive underfloor pool option for even more relaxing dining views. While you’ll only need one custom slot for this particular design, you will need to rotate the flooring to make sure the perspective is correct. This is only possible indoors but once you have placed the design as a tile mat, you can go into the grid option in your home and rotate it like any other piece of furniture.

  • Creator Code: MA-5623-98676-1242

63. Modern Wall Art

Animal Crossing modern wall art

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

If you want your Animal Crossing house to look as close to an IKEA catalogue as possible, you don’t want to miss this modern wall art from Reddit creator thirtytwoounces. Each individual print is a separate framed option so you can mix and match your favourite colours and options for the ultimate in Scandinavian geometric minimalism. Using the Creator Code below is significantly easier than hunting down all the individual bits of that yellow corner sofa though. Time to start checking in with your friends.

  • Creator Code: MA-5537-6306-8412

64. Corgi

Animal Crossing corgi

(Image credit: Animal Crossing)

And finally, if you’re looking to make things a little cosier and the desire for a canine companion hasn’t been sated with Mom’s Plushie, it’s time to bring in the corgis. Reddit’s naattt has designed two different corgi options to customise the fabric of the pet bed to bring a sleeping pooch directly into your living room. You’ll find both adorable snoozing colour options at the Creator Code below. The million Bell crown to feel even more like the Queen is, of course, optional. 

  • Creator Code: MA-5474-0219-1967