Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cribs

Take a tour of four very different creative homes

Animal Crossing: polka dot pattern
(Image credit: Future)

What is it that’s so irresistible about peering inside someone else’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons house? Maybe it’s to find some fresh inspiration for your own home that’s in need of some TLC. Perhaps it’s to see if someone has that last piece of furniture you desperately want to catalogue. Or maybe, it’s the fact you get an almost dangerous idea of what’s going on in their brain. With that in mind, this video has four very different creators who are more than happy to open the pixelated doors of their homes and welcome you inside. As long as you wipe your feet on the mat on the way in, Alysia, Louise, Tom, and Ellen are all ready and waiting to give you a tour of their respective residences and tell you a bit about the decisions behind each design choice.

More than 20 unique rooms await, each with their own story and unique furniture selections. Why does Alysia have a chat show set inside her house? How many terrariums counts as too many for Ellen? And why on earth is there a mysterious well in one of Tom’s rooms? Like Cribs with significantly more Rattan furniture and pictures of cartoon cats, each house tour comes with its own surprises, moments of honesty, and terrifying recreations of classic horror movie moments. Whether you want to see a perfect two level bathroom, cosy study complete with a chessboard, or murderous crime scene basement, it’s all here in this video. Prepare to be inspired or, at the very least, amused. 

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