The most in-style home interior colour schemes to use this Winter in Happy Home Paradise

The gold interior trend recreated in Animal Crossing
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The themes for Winter 2021-2022 are set to help us transistion into the new year, with plenty of focus on nurturing natural connections through plant life and other greenery - regardless of the colour trend. Interestingly, that has influenced the interior colour trends too, with plenty of more natural colours like deep blues and terracotta paving the way for this season. 

Thankfully, all of the winter trends play incredibly well with the range of furniture and accessories in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, especially since the free Update 2.0 dropped a tonne of new items for the game. Plus, these interior trends are great for guiding you when creating homes for your clients in the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Happy Home Paradise DLC. 

Read on for the five biggest in-style home interior colour schemes to use this Winter in Happy Home Paradise.


The wilderness hues trend recreated in Animal Crossing

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Building on the idea of focusing on the natural and organic is our first interior trend - wilderness hues. Deep blues are the focus here, but with your furniture adopting more sandy, earthy neutrals to really accentuate that blue. It's an incredibly good combo for a balanced room, and the colours are all geared towards creating a calming space.


Colour blocking in Animal Crossing

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After the year or so we've all had, it's no wonder the colour block trend has become increasingly trendy, with bright colours always set to lighten our mood. Plus it looks super fun! Use variations on the primary colours - red, blue, and yellow - to add vibrancy to your rooms, and don't be afraid to use bold pops of pattern to add a little diversity. Combine this with slightly more muted tones, like white, to really make the blocking pop too. 


Mustard interior trend recreated in Animal Crossing

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Carrying over from the shades of autumn leaves into the winter interiors is the obsession with mustard. Always a warm and uplifting shade, mustard was a key colour for many a recent runway show, but has since dominated the interior trends for this winter. It's a versatile colour that can be used as the dominant colour, or as accessories to bring life and warmth to a darker room. 


Terracotta theme recreated in Animal Crossing

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Focusing in on that theme of the earth and the outdoors for the winter trends, is the love of the colour orange, or the more natural hues of terracotta. Combined with more organic materials like wood, rattan, or wicker, the earthy hues of orange and terracotta are the perfect way to feel like you could be somewhere more sunny and tropical. 


Golden glimmers trend recreated in Animal Crossing

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While too much gold can feel tacky and overwhelming, this season the trend of subtle gold accenting is blowing up. With nods to the classic Art Deco style, look to add hints of gold in accessories like ceiling lights, mirrors, frames, and other detailing, while don't be afraid to dabble a little by integrating it into larger items like your sofa too, where it makes sense. Nothing says tasteful opulence like a well-placed golden hue.

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