Top 10 most popular wallpaper patterns recreated in Animal Crossing

Jazz up your Animal Crossing home with these funky wallpaper patterns

Animal Crossing: Get classy with this Vibrant Art Deco Print
(Image credit: Future)

The last thing gamers expected to get out of lockdown was a new-found passion for interior design, but thanks to Nintendo’s wonderfully addictive Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we’ve all swapped clashing weapons for collecting wallpaper.

Shifting a jaw-dropping 11 million copies in its first week alone, this island sim has spawned everything from dedicated virtual fishermen to a new breed of turnip-loving amateur stockbrokers. Yet, there’s one passion that all virtual island owners share – decorating our increasingly expensive new homes.

Thanks to the downright intimidating amount of customisation options on offer, however, we know that picking an aesthetic for your home can feel like a daunting prospect. To help get you started then, we’ve gathered ten of the most popular real-world wallpaper designs that have been recreated in Animal Crossing. The best part? You can download them directly into your game without spending a penny.

How to download other players’ designs

Animal Crossing is all about celebrating players’ creativity, and thanks to the magic of QR and creator codes, you can easily share your creations with the world. While these wonderful user-created designs are all free to use, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to download them. Once a member, get out your smartphone and download the Nintendo Switch Online App from either the Apple app store or the Google Playstore.

Next, sign into the app with the same Nintendo account you use to play Animal Crossing, open the game on your switch and press the ‘-‘ button on the main menu. Here, you can enable ‘Nook Link’ in the game and hey presto, you can now transfer QR codes between the phone app and the Switch game.

The second method of importing designs requires you to have unlocked the Able Sisters’ shop by purchasing items regularly from the visiting clothes seller, Mabel. Once unlocked, you can access the custom design kiosk and search for specific designs in-game simply by inputting either a creator code or a code for an individual design.

10. Retro ‘70s wallpaper for a funky throwback

Animal Crossing: Retro ‘70s wallpaper for a funky throwback

(Image credit: Future)

As we’ve mentioned before, the last few years have seen a massive resurgence in ‘70s inspired wallpapers. While a lot of wallpaper prints from that age could be a bit much for modern homes, many designers have seen fit to take some of the era’s bold colours and shapes and incorporate them into more subtle, minimalist designs.

It seems as though Reddit user timbococ had exactly the same idea. To get one of your island rooms looking this vibrant and funky fresh, you can scan the QR code here.

9. Vintage inspired art print wallpaper for a timeless look

Animal Crossing: Vintage inspired art print wallpaper for a timeless look

(Image credit: Future)

What better way to put a personal touch into your Animal Crossing home than by recreating your very own real world wallpaper? This was the design inspiration for this wonderful-looking creation from Reddit user u/deighcyanide.  This vintage, steam-punk-inspired design brings a welcome sense of imagination and sophistication to any wall it graces.

If you’d be interested in recreating this homely-feeling. timeless look in one of your villager’s rooms, you can grab the QR code here.

8. A calming, cloud-inspired geometric look

Animal Crossing: A calming, cloud-inspired geometric look

(Image credit: Future)

Geometric patterns have been making a comeback in the interior design world over the last few years - and for good reason. Yet, for some, geometric wallpaper designs can often be a bit too bold or colourful. Thankfully then, Reddit user Rinsuna has created her own take on a design classic. This wallpaper is an elegant-looking, yet soft and calming take on the geometric look, which is (not so subtly) inspired by her love of clouds.

If you’d like to create a virtual refuge that leaves you feeling like you’re on cloud nine, you can download this wonderful wallpaper here.

7. Pointed pastel tone geometric wallpaper

Animal Crossing: Pointed pastel tone geometric wallpaper

(Image credit: Future)

If you happen to like your geometric patterns a tad more colourful, then this is the pattern for you. Reddit user Maple’s mishmash of different triangles manages to give any room a look that’s somehow both striking and soft. It’s the kind of design that sets a mood, but without ever feeling obnoxious.

If you fancy putting up a print that makes a point (sorry) you can find the creator code to redeem the at the Able Sisters here.

 6. Get classy with this Vibrant Art Deco Print

Animal Crossing: Get classy with this Vibrant Art Deco Print

(Image credit: Future)

There’s nothing quite like inviting your friends to visit your island and waving them off at the airport knowing you’ve left them green with designer envy. With this vibrant-looking and intricately detailed print, you can be sure that your house will have your virtual visitors gawking with jealousy. You can’t beat making a bold statement with your walls, and few prints out there are as eye catching as this alluring art deco design.

You can find the creator code for this print here.

5. Unleash your inner child with this (slightly terrifying) Murakami tribute

Animal Crossing: Murakami tribute

(Image credit: Future)

OK, we’ll level with you – this wallpaper print might not be the height of design sophistication. Yet it’s hard to deny that it leaves one hell of an impression. Serving as a tribute to beloved Japanese author Haruki Murakami, it’s a fun and unarguably eye-catching design that simultaneously spreads joy….and well, creeps us out a bit. What more can you really ask for from a wallpaper?

You can grab the custom design ID from the picture above, and enter it in the kiosk at your Able Sister’s shop.

4. A rustic brick wallpaper for appeasing your inner hipster

Animal Crossing: A rustic brick wallpaper for appeasing your inner hipster

(Image credit: Future)

There’s nothing better than embracing that exposed wall, hipster shabby chic. Thanks to this pleasingly minimal wallpaper design, you can bring that classy art space aesthetic or pretentious café vibe right into your virtual living room. You’re welcome.

If you feel like enjoying your own pleasingly-sturdy piece of minimalism, you can check nab the wall’s creator code here. This just so happens to be the second design here from the talented  u/Gavindorf so feel free to send them some appreciation!

3. Make a Blue water drop wallpaper

Animal Crossing: Make a Blue water drop wallpaper

(Image credit: Future)

 Sometimes there’s nothing more calming than being surrounded by the trickle of water droplets….well, unless you desperately need the toilet, anyway. This simple repeating pattern may not pack the ‘wow’ factor of some of the other designs that make up this list, but it’s a pleasingly simple design that can go with almost any flooring or furniture.

To place it proudly on your walls, enter the custom design code pictured above into the terminal at your local Able Sisters’.

2. Live your gothic Toy Story fantasy with this cool contrasting clouds design

Animal Crossing: Live your gothic Toy Story fantasy with this cool contrasting clouds design

(Image credit: Future)

Black and white designs can often get a bit of bad press, but sometimes, a striking gothic look is exactly what a room calls for. Seemingly inspired by the iconic cloud wallpaper from Toy Story, this darker take on Pixar’s design feels a bit more like something the unhinged Sid’ would appreciate than the fun-loving Andy…

If you feel like every cloud has a blackened lining, you can grab the QR code here.

1. Seamless monochrome geometric pattern for a timeless wow-factor

Animal Crossing: Seamless monochrome geometric pattern for a timeless wow-factor

(Image credit: Future)

Sometimes you just need your walls to make a statement, and when it comes to bold statements, you’ll be hard pressed to beat this eye-catching monochromatic beauty. This sleek design proves the old adage is true – that sometimes the simplest designs really are the most effective.

If you want to class up one of your rooms with this impressive-looking statement, you can grab both the custom design code and the designer’s creator code above.