9 timeless home decor buys that won't go out of style in, like, 4 weeks

No expiration date on these picks

Lamp, plate, and chair on grid background
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There’s no shame in being a fashion victim. From hand-painted candles and tiled podiums to scallop-edged just-about-everything, new homeware trends have likely caught your eye at one point or another. And, hey, that’s totally fine. It’s fun to jump on the bandwagon for a while and let’s face it, those trends have all been very cute! But, if you want to invest in home decor for your apartment you know will go the distance, there are some simple rules to help you select timeless decor that won’t date. 

For example, you can’t go wrong with an iconic trend borne from another era that’s lasted the test of time. In the '70s, it was all about exaggerated seating shapes, wicker inlays, and macrame, and those aesthetics are still popular today.

Here, I share nine of my most timeless homeware buys and delve deeper into what makes a piece classic and a few tips on choosing items that won't feel outdated in a couple of weeks.

Timeless home decor picks we love

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The following decor items will feel timeless for years (and probably even decades) to come. If you'd like to source your own classic picks, a top tip is to prioritize handmade pieces. Artisanal goods not only physically last a long time, but when a plate or vase has a story behind it, you likely won’t see it as disposable a few months later. 

Also ask yourself if you love something — and I mean really love it. The best thing you can do when investing your hard-earned cash in a homeware buy is to follow your heart, and ask yourself, do I like this because everyone else does or does it actually appeal to me? With these tips and recs you'll be set!