House plants: 20 gorgeous display ideas to brighten up your rooms

These display ideas for house plants are guaranteed to cheer up your home throughout this autumn and winter

a kitchen diner full of house plants
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Looking for clever ways to display your house plants? Of course you are – they've been all over Instagram for ages, so it was only a matter of time before you came after ideas of your own. So, whether you're a long-time house plant enthusiast and are looking for fresh inspiration for the new season, or you've only just bought your first house plant and are wondering where best to position it, we have an idea for you. 

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1. Create an indoor hanging herb garden

Make your herbs more of a feature in your kitchen with this Ikea hack – growing your herbs in a Bittergurka – a great idea if you have a smaller kitchen and need to save valuable worktop space. You can hook together as many as you need, and then when you need to use them in your cooking or want to have them on hand to garnish your dinner, just can just unhook your herb of choice and pop it on the table. 

For loads more ways you can use Ikea storage to display your house plants, check out our feature. 

Ikea hanging baskets for plants

(Image credit: Ikea)

2. Use trailing house plants to create a living wall

Adding some living, breathing greenery instantly gives a fresh feeling to a space. We love this look for a great alternative to the more traditional gallery wall.

This Betty Armchair from is the perfect addition to a green inspired living room. 

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living room with overwhelming collection of houseplants

Spider plants, with their trailing tendencies, are a great alternative to consider if you're trying to recreate this look

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3. Use plant life to enhance a natural feel 

Want your home to have a natural feel? Create a (controlled) indoor jungle with oversized plant life; we'd recommend a humungous Swiss cheese plant as a great starting point. Combined with earth toned furniture, this lively living room is a breath of fresh air (literally). 

small, cosy living room with incredible chesse plant

Find this Brionna two-seater sofa at DFS

(Image credit: DFS)

4. Team large, leafy tropical house plants with bright colours

Want to use house plants to create a tropical feel? Pair large, leafy species with furniture that makes a statement and equally striking abstract art. It really can be as easy as that!

We love the idea of colour clashing with these fun Banjooli Outdoor Chairs, available at Cattelan Italia.

large tropical plant set against a colourful backdrop of art

(Image credit: Chaplins)

5. Choose an eye catching house plant pot

A step-up from the standard plant pot, Mid-century inspired planters are a sophisticated option for displaying house plants; particularly the more dramatic varieties. We love this bronze finish, which really pops when added to a bold colour scheme.

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Find this Brass Planter with Stand at Audenza. 

deep blue room with bright green chair and brass potted plants

Taller, more dramatic species make the perfect addition to this statement bronze planter and stand

(Image credit: Audenza)

6. Spruce up your desk with a cute terrarium

If you require something small to spruce up a desk or cheer up a home office window sill, look no further than a terrarium; the perfect home for small succulents. Use our step by step guide to find out how to make this terrarium.

Available in a variety of quirky shapes, terrariums are a simple addition to a sad looking space. We love the unique shape of this Gold Terrarium from Not on the High Street

(Image credit: Debbie Patterson)

7. Choose tall house plant species to match high ceilings

If you're blessed with high ceilings, choose plant life that makes the most of it. You can afford to pick taller, more dramatic species or equally eye-catching trailing varieties without fear of them swamping the room. 

living room with checked sofa and abundant plant life

This Lily Three Seat Sofa from adds to the homely feel of the space 

(Image credit:

8. Choose varieties that enhance a maximalist space

Striking in their appearance, mother-in-law's tongue and larger species of cacti can enhance the dramatic feel of a maximalist scheme, while adding texture to a space. Despite competing with bold pink tones and clashing patterns, these house plants hold their own as an eye catching feature. 

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living room with pink toned sofa and other soft furnishings

If you're looking for a sofa that makes a real statement, take a look at the Salsa Range from DFS

(Image credit: DFS)

9. Make house plants a feature in a minimalist space

House plants can really bring a coffee table to life, making a feature out of an often overlooked space. The trick to achieving this look effectively is ensuring an assortment of species, sizes and pot styles; arranged with little uniformity.

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a crows eye view shot of various cacti and succulents on a coffee table

An assortment of pots really adds to the eclectic feel of this house plant display. Find similar at Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

10. Find an alternative use for wicker baskets

In addition to making a simple, yet stylish, storage solution, wicker baskets work as a great home for house plants. Rather than hiding storage baskets away, make a feature out of them with some added greenery. 

Find similar Storage Baskets at House of Bath.

large cacti and smaller plant stored in wicker baskets in bathroom

Whether you use wicker baskets to store logs, blankets or children's toys, consider keeping one for an injection of greenery

(Image credit: Tikamoon)

11. Display plants on a wire rack for a millennial feel

Styled with blush tones and a varied assortment of plant life, this space has a particularly millennial feel. Propped up against the wall, this light blue wire rack offers a great solution for displaying plants and acts as an eye-catching focal point within the space. To achieve this finished look, simply add mismatching, bright toned plant pots and one of each of your favourite house plants.

To achieve a similar look, try Etsy

cat sat on a sofa in blush toned space with an abundance of houseplants

For a similar two toned sofa, take a look at Cubit

(Image credit: Cubit)

12. Choose delicate house plants for a sophisticated feel

With its image reflected in a stunning octagonal mirror, this delicate house plant makes an understated impact on a sophisticated dining space. In addition to making the room seem larger, this clever use of reflection creates a design feature that is equally captivating and calming.

large angular mirror reflecting large house plant

Find this incredible Emerland Magnum Wall Mirror at Cattelan Italia

(Image credit: Cattelan Italia)

13. Create an industrial vibe: display on a ladder shelf

Adding house plants can be an effective way of injecting a pop of colour into an otherwise monochrome, industrial-style decorating scheme. While understated, each plant adds a lively touch and helps create a more homely feel. See below for inspiration for making your own plant stand.

For a similar ladder shelf, try Limelace.

ladder shelf leant up against the wall with various small plants

The minimalist feel of this ladder shelf offsets the bold intricacy of this French Trochilidae Print, available at Limelace

(Image credit: Lime lace)

14. Experiment with the height and positioning of house plants

While smaller plants often look better clustered together, creating space between larger varieties is usually the best way of displaying them and (unless that's the effect you're going for) prevents your house from looking like an indoor jungle. Experiment with the positioning of house plants to find a combination that works for you.

Find similar plants at Ikea.

office space filled with various plants

It has been suggested that plants increase happiness and productivity, so including them in a home office seems like an obvious choice

(Image credit: Furniture Choice)

15. Display your house plants in an indoor greenhouse

This miniature greenhouse, with it's simple structure, would make an eye-catching addition to any Scandi-inspired home. If your preference is for smaller species, this striking piece is a great option for showcasing your greenery and bringing the magic of nature indoors. 

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Find it at Einrichten Design.

small wooden indoor greenhouse

This miniature greenhouse would also make a great option for an indoor herb garden

(Image credit: einrichten-design)

16.  Group pot plants for a contemporary feel

If you’re short on surface space, or are simply looking to make more of a feature out of your house plants, grouping assorted species together on a hanging stoneware tray is a great option that adds depth and interest to a space. 

We love this Bloomingville Flowerpot Tray from Beaumonde.

hanging ceramic tray with assorted pots and plants

For similar neutral toned, ceramic plant pots, try Beaumonde

(Image credit: Beaumonde)

17. Pick up a stylish plant stand

Choosing a sleek and contemporary stand to display plants is an easy option if you're looking to make more of a feature from the greenery in your life. Not only does a plant stand make experimenting with the positioning of plants easy, but it can also prevent a space from feeling cluttered if you've decided to introduce lots more house plants into your home at once. 

We love the Satsumas Plant Stand from Ikea.

living room area with wooden furniture and house plants by ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

18. Fill up kitchen worktops with house plants

Want to give your kitchen plenty of green appeal with house plants? Why not pack out the corners with pots of easy-care, steam-loving evergreens (or faux plants if your kitchen's light deprived). Paint the walls in a deep green and you'll accentuate the hot-house effect further.

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Kitchen breakfast bar withe metal bar stools

(Image credit: Brett Charles)

19. Make a DIY plant stand

Displaying plants on a plant stand is a great way to group them together – and to show off your trailing varieties. You don't have to buy one, either: all you need is an old (or inexpensively bought) ladder shelf and some quality paint, and our guide to making a DIY plant stand

shelving unit painted in Cuprinol paints with plants and herbs

(Image credit: Cuprinol)

20. Create colourful accents with plant pots

House plant ideas are not only about the plants: colourful glazed pots or planters can go a long way to cheering up a blank wall. Group them together on a shelf – or a few shelves for even more interest. 

These plant pots are from Garden Trading.

Garden Trading SS19 Teal Pots on Shelf

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

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