Tomato salad: Jamie Oliver's has a simple tasty twist – and it’s great with brunch

Colourful and delicious, Jamie’s tomato salad is the perfect partner to eggs or dishes straight from the barbie

tomatoes growing in a garden
(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

Insta loved the rainbow of colour that is Jamie Oliver’s tomato salad, and we fell for it, too. Not only does it look fabulous, but the extras Jamie adds to the dish make it a real taste sensation.

A tomato salad is great on its own of course, but we had plans for ours, and since they met with success, we’re going to share. Team this dish with poached, fried or scrambled eggs and it’ll turn a perfectly nice breakfast into a rather special brunch.

Our hunch was that the salad could be a little wonder as part of a barbecue spread, too, and now we’ve tried it, we can confirm it was an idea that was definitely a good one.

Want to try this fabulous salad yourself? Scroll down to take a look, and to get our top tips on how to serve it as part of a brunch or BBQ. And if you’re looking for more recipe inspiration, find it on our food hub, plus we’ve got all the egg recipes you need, too.

5 top tips to make and serve Jamie Oliver’s tomato salad 

1. Jamie Oliver’s tomato salad uses an array of tomato colours to make a rainbow (well, the tomato-available colours from it anyway) on the plate. Follow Jamie’s lead and create thin slices to lay out on the platter. A tomato knife will help you cut accurately without squashing.

2. Jamie sprinkled toasted fennel seeds over his tomato salad. These seeds have an aniseed flavour and wonderful sweet aroma, and toasting them boosts these qualities. Put them into a frying pan over a medium heat for a couple of minutes and don’t let them burn. Fennel works fabulously with eggs as well as tomatoes, so whether you’re having them scrambled, baked, or poached, this salad is the ideal side to turn it into brunch.

3. Chilli adds more colour and flavour to Jamie’s tomato salad. He’s deseeded his, but we left the seeds in to serve this with scrambled eggs for a wake-me-up brunch (it did).

4. The other ingredients recommended by our favourite chef? Thin slices of garlic, oil and vinegar, and fresh basil. Delish!

5. Serving this tomato salad up at a barbecue? It will go a treat with chicken or some sausages, but try it with salmon or sardines cooked on the grill in your garden. We can vouch for the deliciousness of the combination.  

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