Frittata: how to make a frittata with whatever you have in the fridge

All you'll need for our frittata are some eggs and whatever you have hanging around in the fridge – meat, veg, cheese and more

frittata recipe
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The beauty of this frittata recipe is just how adaptable it is. The perfect midweek meal, it's possible to knock up a tasty frittata in just 20 mins with whatever you have in your fridge. Whether you're working with some leftover veggies, a solo chicken breast, a handful of spinach leaves, or a chunk of cheese, it's more than possible to whip up something delicious and nutritious. 

This is great news if you're often left with a fridge full of odds and ends, or want to reduce food waste. All you'll need are some eggs and salt and pepper, for seasoning, as your starting point.

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Frittata recipe

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  • Eggs, 2 to 3 per person
  • Olive oil, for softening vegetables
  • Salt and pepper, for seasoning
  • Toppings: when we say you can use pretty much anything in your frittata, we mean pretty much anything. Some of our favourites include feta, potato and roasted vegetables, kale and goats cheese, prosciutto and asparagus, salmon and pea, and chicken and broccoli. But we'd encourage you to take a look in your fridge and see what's lurking – frittata is a great leftovers meal, after all.


1. You'll want to start by preparing whatever you're planning on having in your frittata. This means roasting or sautéing veg until it begins to soften, cooking – and then shredding – chicken, grating cheese etc.

2. Place your eggs in a separate bowl, whisking until you achieve a smooth consistency. Season well with plenty of salt and pepper.

3. Pour your egg into a shallow oven proof pan, or dish. Then, add your other ingredients – vegetables, cheese, meat etc.

4. Place in the over for 20 minutes at around 200ºC, or until golden brown on top. Then, serve with a side of salad.

How Jamie Oliver makes his frittata – plus his secret ingredients 

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Our frittata recipe has proven pretty popular and is a great option for using up whatever bits of meat, veg and cheese you might have hanging around in the fridge. But we wanted to see if everyone's favourite household chef, Jamie Oliver, had any pearls of wisdom that might make your frittata even better. 

We took a closer look at Jamie Oliver's top tips for frittata and wanted to share some of our findings. Check them out below for a super tasty frittata.

Jamie Oliver has a slightly different approach to frittata, here are some of our favourite tips:

1. Use plenty of olive oil – or butter, if you'd prefer – when heating the pan.

2. If you have parmesan, add this to the egg mixture before pouring into the pan. If you don't have parmesan, you could use cheddar, or feta, instead.

3. Gently work the edge of your frittata inwards while still runny, this will improve the final texture.

4. Cover your frittata to ensure that steam can cook the top, as well as the bottom.

5. If you're struggling to flip you frittata with a spatula, give it a go with a plate instead. Flip your frittata onto a clean plate, then return to the pan to continue cooking.

Jamie Oliver also has a fab frittata recipe to which he adds frozen peas (lightly crushed with a pestle and mortar to release their sweetness), kale and Swiss chard (PACKED with vitamins and minerals, people!). 

He tears up the Swiss chard and kale then puts them in a heavy pan to char them slightly. That done, he dresses them with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice to boost the flavours before adding them to the frittata. Yum.

How to make frittata like Gennaro Contaldo

Gennaro Contaldo is the *unofficial* master of the frittata and is known for teaching his English protégé, Jamie Oliver, a thing or two about the tasty dish. In this recipe Gennaro makes a sweet pepper frittata, but the same principles really do apply whatever ingredients you may have to hand. Here's everything you need to know:


  • Olive oil, a good glug
  • Red pepper (or whatever vegetables you may be using)
  • Onion
  • Courgette


1. To start with, Gennaro Contaldo adds a liberal amount of olive oil the pan. We'd advise that you too take the Italian approach when working with this healthy fat.

2. Next, he slices his pepper, courgette and onion into small strips – you can do the same with whatever vegetables you might be working with – and adds to the pan to gently soften. Gennaro Contaldo also makes time to season his veg with plenty of salt and pepper.

3. To prevent the vegetables becoming too dry, Gennaro Contaldo also adds a small amount of water at this stage, before adding a lid and allowing the veg to cook slowly. This should take between 15 and 20 minutes, the key is to ensure that all of the water has evaporated.

4. In a separate bowl, Gennaro Contaldo recommends whisking together six to eight eggs, with a little salt and pepper. He then grates a small amount of parmesan into the mix and continues to whisk. 

5. Once the veg is ready, add the eggs to the frying pan and watch it start to cook. Cover with a lid then, after a couple of minutes, on one side, flip to cook the other. You'll know your frittata is ready when it's golden in colour.

Top tip: to flip your frittata, Gennaro Contaldo advises using a plate to carefully remove it from the pan. Take care not to burn yourself in the process.

6. For somerthing extra special, Gennaro Contaldo then adds a dollop of  goats cheese before serving. You could also try feta if that's all you have to hand.

Check out Gennaro's frittata recipe on his own page

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